JSG Coronavirus Updates

What to Do If You Feel Sick

The University of Texas at Austin and the Jackson School of Geosciences have implemented social distancing and hygiene protocols to help avoid the spread of COVID-19, while also remaining productive in education and research.

Given the rate of infection, and the widespread domestic and international exposure of Jackson School scientists, we must be prepared for the possibility of infection within our school.

We are each responsible for the health and safety of ourselves, our families, and our colleagues. Although nothing is foolproof, smart practices will reduce the risk of exposure, and also minimize the impact of actual infection.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) lays out excellent protocols for handling exposure and infection. We ask each member of the school, including students, to please take a minute and look through the CDC website, and also to share it with friends and family members.

CDC also provides a one-page summary of these protocols. We request that each unit of the School print this document and display it in labs and common spaces.

We are stronger together, and together we will get through this.