Dr. Cloos' research includes: 1) field, laboratory and theoretical studies of the structure, metamorphism, geochronology, sedimentation and seismicity at convergent plate margins. Field projects in the Franciscan subduction complex exposed in the central and northern Coast Ranges of California. 2a) Tectonics of arc-continent collision zones and 2b) the origin of porphyry-type copper deposits. Field projects in the vicinity of the Ertsberg (Gunung Bijih) Mining district in Papua (Irian Jaya), Indonesia (west New Guinea).

Areas of Expertise

Structural geology and tectonics

Research Locations

For the past decade, Dr. Cloos has been supervising about six graduate students at any one time. The overall theme of the theses and dissertations is to better understand fundamental geologic processes. Cloos works with MS students to build a project that centers on their primary areas of interest. Cloos expects Ph.D. students to identify and design a research program that addresses a fundamental geoscience research problem that attracts research funding and results in work published in professional journals.

Graduate Students

Marin C Trautman, M.S., expected 2012 (Supervisor)