My interests center primarily involve the integration of geologic information with quantitative tools for seismic reservoir and basin characterization. This area of research includes both forward and inverse problems that combine rock physics, stochastic geologic modeling, and seismic-attribute analysis. Current projects with students include studies in the Haynesville, Marcellus, Woodford, and Bakken Shales, as well as CO2 sequestration monitoring of the Cranfield site in Mississippi.

Areas of Expertise

Exploration Geophysics, in particular rock physics applications and seismic inversion techniques for reservoir characterization.

Member, Travel Grants Committee, SEG (2012)

Member, Adhoc Committee, Energy Theme (2012)

Member, Technical Program Committee, SEG (2011 - 2013)

Co-Chair (Faculty), Committee on University and Student Programs, SEG (2010 - 2012)

Faculty Advisor, UT SEG Student Chapter (2009)

Member, Committe on University and Student Programs, SEG (2009)

Russell Carter: Integration of rock-physics models and time-lapse seismic data for monitoring CO2 injection and migration at the Cranfield Field, Cranfield, MS
PhD Aspirant, 2010-

Meijuan Jiang: Characterizing the reservoir properties of the Haynesville Shale by integrating rock-physics modeling and seismic inversion
PhD Aspirant, 2010-

Lauren Becker, MS Student, 2012-
Sarah Coyle, MS Student, 2012-
Han Liu, PhD Student, 2012-
Qi Ren, PhD Student, 2012-

Kwon Taek Oh, MS 2012: Pore-shale modeling at different scales for the Haynesville Shale.

Graduate Students

Meijuan Jiang, Ph.D., expected 2014
I am interested in characterizing the reservoir properties of unconventional gas shales using rock physics modeling, seismic inversion, and statistical methods. I use well log data and core data to calibrate rock physics models at well locations, and apply these rock physics models to seismic scale to obtain continuous distributions of the reservoir properties for gas shales.

Lauren E Becker, M.S., expected 2014

Sarah B Coyle, M.S., expected 2014

Patrick J Gustie, M.S., expected 2014

Russell W Carter, Ph.D., expected 2015

Qi Ren, Ph.D., expected 2016

Han Liu, Ph.D., expected 2017

Kwon Taek Oh, M.S., 2012