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Jackson School of Geosciences

Christopher Lowery

Christopher  Lowery
Buffler Postdoc, Institute for Geophysics, Jackson School of Geosciences

Office: 194 3.260
Mailcode: R2200
Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Chris is a foraminiferal micropaleontologist who studies the response of marine organisms to environmental perturbations, particularly ocean deoxygenation. His research interests include Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events, the End Cretaceous mass extinction, and modern and ancient foraminifer geochemistry. At the UT Institute for Geophysics hes working on several complementary projects related to the Mesozoic of the Gulf of Mexico, including the diversification of planktic foraminifera following the K/Pg mass extinction from cores taken during IODP Expedition 364, the distribution and paleoenvironment of the Albian Glen Rose Formation, and the pre-salt sediments of the Gulf of Mexico.

Areas of Expertise

Micropaleontology, Stratigraphy, Paleoceanography, Geochemistry

Research Locations

Current Research Programs & Projects

Gulf of Mexico Cretaceous Stratigraphy - studying the extent of several Gulf of Mexico stratigraphic units as part of the Gulf Basin Depositional Synthesis project. See "Research Locations" for more details on specific projects. ( view )

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