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Want to study the Earth? Find your future? Make a difference?

Do it all at the highly ranked Jackson School of Geosciences. We offer an unparalleled undergraduate experience featuring the benefits of a small college within a major university. As a student here, you’ll gain access to world-class researchers working in all fields of the earth sciences, on everything from safeguarding the environment and finding energy to studying climate, natural hazards, and ancient forms of life. You will travel the country (or world) doing exciting field work. As an advanced undergraduate, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in career-building research projects. And through close ties to professors and a home base in our new student center, you will be part of a strong community. Our communal atmosphere may look like a lot of fun, but it’s also sound preparation for professional geoscience, where teamwork, networking, and lifelong learning are keys to success.

The Jackson School of Geosciences. What starts here changes the world.

Jackson School of Geosciences
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