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The Jackson School of Geosciences at The University of Texas at Austin is among the most established and well regarded geoscience programs in the world. The school includes the University’s Department of Geological Sciences, one of the country’s oldest geoscience departments, and two world-renowned research units, the Institute for Geophysics and the Bureau of Economic Geology. The school is home to one of the world’s largest academic geoscience communities with nearly 4,800 alumni, 90 research scientists and 58 faculty members, and one of the largest combined graduate and undergraduate enrollments (614) of any major geoscience program.

The Jackson School is both old and new. It traces its origins to a Department of Geology founded in 1888 but became a separate unit at the level of a college only on September 1, 2005. The school’s formation resulted from one of the most generous gifts in the history of higher education when the late John A. and Katherine G. Jackson bequeathed endowments and assets to the university presently valued at over $300 million.

Quick Facts

Dean: Sharon Mosher
Founded: Department—1888
Bureau of Economic Geology—1909
Geology Foundation—1953
Institute for Geophysics—1972
Jackson School—2001
Established at level of a college: 2005
Enrollment Fall 2015: 258 graduate
316 undergraduate
Degrees awarded 2014-15: 63 graduate
51 undergraduate
Employees: 56 faculty
90 research scientists
70 research staff
24 postdoctoral researchers
140 support staff
Annual budget: $90 million
Alumni: 4,771
Jackson School of Geosciences
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