Salt Tectonics

Pure and applied research in salt tectonics comprises a mix of physical and mathematical modeling and seismic-based mapping and structural-stratigraphic analysis of some of the world's most spectacular salt basins. Projects of broader scope integrate salt-tectonics research into a framework of basin analysis, stratigraphy, and reservoir characterization.


Luc L Lavier

Luc L Lavier

Tectonics; the structural and geodynamical evolution of continental and oceanic rifts, as well as collisional environments; numerical techniques to model tectonic processes on crustal and lithospheric scales; deformation; subduction
David  Mohrig

David Mohrig

Sedimentary Geology, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Geomorphology, Rivers, Deltas, Coastlines, Submarine Channels, Geohazards, Sediment-Gravity Currents, Sediment Transport, Seismic Interpretation, Basin Analysis


Srisharan  Shreedharan

Srisharan Shreedharan

Research Scientists

James A Austin

James A Austin

Stratigraphic evolution of a wide range of marine and lacustrine environments around the world
Jacob A Covault

Jacob A Covault

sedimentology, stratigraphy, marine geology
Tim P Dooley

Tim P Dooley

Dynamics and kinematics of fault systems using scaled analog modeling, field studies, remote sensing, seismic data, and comparison with published examples; 3D geometries and kinematics of strike-slip fault systems using innovative analog modeling techniques; modeling of delta tectonics, salt tectonics, and segmented strike-slip and extensional fault systems

Oliver Duffy

Salt tectonics; Basin analysis; Fault networks; Normal Faulting; Salt-sediment interaction
Naiara  Fernandez Terrones

Naiara Fernandez Terrones

Salt tectonics, Seismic Interpretation, Structural Modeling, Numerical Modeling,
Mahdi  Heidari Moghadam

Mahdi Heidari Moghadam

Mahdi Heidari Moghadam is a Research Associate at the Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences, The University of Texas at Austin (UT). He works for the AGL and GeoFluids consortia. Mahdi is a Civil/Geotechnical Engineer. He received his PhD on Tunneling in Difficult Ground Conditions from UT ...
Michael R Hudec

Michael R Hudec

Salt tectonics, 3-D computer modeling, kinematic models for evolution and growth of salt structures, structural geology, cross-section restoration and balancing, seismic interpretation
Maria-Aikaterini  Nikolinakou

Maria-Aikaterini Nikolinakou

Maria-Katerina Nikolinakou is currently a Research Scientist at the Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences, at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research focuses on understanding stress and pore pressure in complex geologic systems, including salt systems and thrust belts. She studies the behavior of geologic materials ...

Research Staff

Gillian Apps

Deepwater stratigraphy and sedimentology The interaction betwwen structural and depositional processes Engines of slope processes
Richard J Chuchla

Richard J Chuchla

Graduate studies were focused on igneous processes, magmatism and related formation of ore deposits. Professional career included exploration for base and precious metal ore deposits, coal assessment and development, and research, exploration and development in the upstream sector of the oil and gas business. Managerial positions led to development of ...
Ian O Norton

Ian O Norton

Plate tectonics, structural evolution of continental margins, reconciliation of observations from structural geology with regional tectonics

Francis Peel

Salt Tectonics Gulf of Mexico Seismic Interpretation Salt Deposition RIsk and probability in exploration Fold and Thrust Belts Deepwater systems