Small Gifts Come Together in a Big Way

Anthonyedgington Pula Croatia Longhorn PrideGifts of All Sizes Create Lasting Opportunities for Students

We are happy to announce that the Jackson School of Geosciences has had its most productive year of online giving ever. Alumni and friends made more than 250 gifts to online campaigns, totaling more than $600,000 supporting programs and research needs for students and faculty. The results show the big difference that small gifts can make: the majority of donations were between $5 and $500. Each campaign focused on a specific program or priority of the Jackson School and had a group of passionate donors who lent their support. The online giving campaign for the Jackson Scholars Program raised $21,085 to help students pay for program costs. The funds will also pay current members in the program with financial need to be official peer mentors to new students. Of the 27 donations, 25 were between $25-$525.

“We are grateful to have funds to help qualified students participate or complete the program,” said Mary Poteet, the Jackson Scholars program co-chair. “These donations are helping to provide hands-on experiences that will transform Jackson Scholars students into community leaders, creative and innovative thinkers, and geoscientists who will change the world.”

The Jackson School Haertlein Technology and Innovation campaign raised $75,400, with gifts matched 2-to-1 up to $50,000. The funds will be put toward the purchase and upkeep of instruments — from basic handheld tools to microscopes, visualization technology and drones — for Jackson School students, faculty and research scientists. The majority of donations made were between $25-$500.

“Funding for technology innovation and acquisition and maintenance of equipment represents a major challenge,” said Danny Stockli, the Chair of the Department of Geological Sciences at the Jackson School. “Having access to designated resources for the purchase and upkeep of essential equipment is a tremendous benefit to the Jackson School community.”

Contributions to two other campaigns, Rapid Response and Undergraduate Research, also included matches thanks to generous donors. Most of the gifts to those campaigns were also under $500.

Matches are a great way to amplify the impact of gifts. But donations of all sizes, with or without matches, are meaningful and can combine into a strong network of support. That support extends beyond the walls of the Jackson School of Geosciences, into the larger community and the world.

We are grateful for the generosity of our Jackson School alumni and friends. So, whether you give as a passion, to invest in your alma mater, or pay it forward because of the support you received, know that all gifts — no matter their size — have value.