First Peer-Reviewed Eaglebine Play Study

Tucker Hentz
Tucker Hentz

Energy Geosciences

In the December 2014 issue of the AAPG Bulletin, Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) research scientist associate Tucker Hentz and co-authors William Ambrose and David Smith, also of BEG, presented the first study of the Eaglebine play published in a peer-reviewed journal. This emerging play in northeast Texas represents the northern extension of the phenomenally prolific Eagle Ford shale play.

The Eaglebine has generated considerable interest because of its potential for new hydrocarbon production from both sandstone and mudrock reservoirs of the Woodbine and Eagle Ford Groups. The article by Hentz and his colleagues addresses the play’s stratigraphic and depositional relationships, which are complex and directly related to the play’s exploration challenges. The study, integrated with a 2009 award-winning AAPG Bulletin article by the same authors, also presents for the first time a basinwide chro­nostratigraphic framework for the Woodbine Group.

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