From the Forty Acres to Pluto: Longhorns in Space

Gulf Coast at Night (NASA, International Space Station)
Gulf Coast at Night (NASA, International Space Station)

Astronomers, scientists and those who dream of space are all eagerly watching as a NASA spacecraft flies three billion miles

from Earth near the edges of our solar system.

When New Horizons reaches its closest approach to Pluto, one Longhorn will have particular cause to celebrate the historic accomplishment: Alan Stern, the mission’s leader.

Stern, who holds bachelor’s degrees in physics and astronomy and master’s degrees in aerospace engineering and planetary atmospheres from UT, is the principal investigator on the New Horizons mission. After nearly 10 years in flight, New Horizons will spend five months studying Pluto and its moons.

But Stern’s mission is just one example of Longhorns dreaming of beyond infinity. Examples of space research specifically involving the Jackson School of Geosciences include:

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