Jackson School of Geosciences Joseph C. Walter Awards

The Jackson School of Geosciences Dean’s Office invites nominations for the Joseph C. Walter Awards every year in November. Nominations may be made by any Jackson School employee and all nominations must be made via the online web form for each award below. A call for nominations is made via email. Only one nomination per person per award will be accepted. The award recipients will be recognized at the annual Walter Awards Banquet held in conjunction with the Jackson School holiday party.

The Joseph C. Walter Jr. Excellence Award provides annual awards to faculty, research, and staff in recognition of outstanding service and special contributions to teaching and research programs. No specific guidelines are set for nominations other than demonstrated excellence in one or any combination of the areas of the School – research, teaching, service, professional activity, and administration. The Walter Excellence Award carries a cash award of $2,000.

Past winners:

2020 John Goff, UTIG
2019 Gail Christeson, UTIG
2018 Dennis R. Trombatore, DGS
2017 Michael Young, BEG
2016 Peter Flemings, DGS/BEG/UTIG
2015 Rich Ketcham, DGS
2014 Charlie Kerans, DGS
2013 J.P. Nicot, BEG
2012 Omar Ghattas, DGS
2011 Bill Fisher, DGS
2010-Fall Doug Ratcliff, JSG
2010-Spring Mead Allison, UTIG
2009 Ron Steel, DGS
2008 Ian Dalziel, UTIG
David Mohrig, DGS
Bridget Scanlon, BEG
2007 Shirley Dutton, BEG
Mrinal Sen, UTIG
Zong-Liang Yang, DGS
2006 Chris Bell, DGS
Martin Jackson, BEG
Paul Mann, UTIG
2005 Susan Hovorka, BEG
Sharon Mosher, JSG
Doug Ratcliff, JSG

The Jackson School Staff Excellence Award was designed to recognize classified (administrative, technical, and support) staff who have performed in an exemplary fashion and to encourage others to aspire to superior performance. The Staff Excellence Award carries a cash award of $1,000.

Past winners:

2020 Ben Hester, UTIG
2019 Anton Caputo, Monica Kortsha, Laura Martin (JSG)
2018 Sara Sieberath, UTIG
2017 Lisa Gahagan, UTIG
2016 Staci Loewy, DGS
2015 Dean Wilcox, Facilities Maintenance Manager
2014 Jesse Maisano, DGS
2013 Lynda Miller, UTIG
2012 Patty Romano, BEG
2011 Mark Wiederspahn, UTIG
2010-Fall Eleanour Picard, UTIG
2010-Spring Julie Duiker, BEG
2009 Jan Everett, UTIG
2008 Tinley Hald, DGS
Lauren Darcy, JSG
Wanda LaPlante, BEG
Judy Sansom, UTIG
2007 Jamie Coggin, BEG
Sheree Courney, JSG
Ty Lehman, DGS
Don Yarbro, UTIG
2006 Susann Doenges, BEG
Patty Ganey-Curry, UTIG
Roger Gary, DGS
Glynis Morse, JSG
Dennis Trombatore, honorary
2005 Luciano Correa, JSG
Lynda Miler, BEG
John Ready, DGS
Mark Wiederspahn, UTIG

The Jackson School Outstanding Service Award recognizes outstanding service to a unit, the School, the University, or the profession. The Outstanding Service Award carries a cash award of $1,000.

Past winners:

2020 Philip Guerrero, JSG
2019 Nicole Evans, JSG
2018 Kim LaValley, BEG
2017 DGS Female Faculty as a team for their work towards improving JSG workplace environment
2016 Brian Zavala, JSG
2015 Eric Potter, BEG
2014 Sue Hovorka, BEG
2013 Cathy Brown, BEG
2012 Bob Hardage, BEG
2011 Sigrid Clift, BEG
2010-Fall Philip Guerrero, JSG
2010-Spring Renee Waters, JSG
2009 Larry Mack, DGS
2008 Jamie Austin, UTIG
Martin Jackson, BEG


The Jackson School Outstanding Research Award recognizes accomplishments by an individual or a team of faculty or scientists. The Outstanding Research Award carries a cash award of $1,000.

Past winners:

2020 Kerry Cook, DGS
2019 Peter Hennings, Ellen Rathje and Alexandros Savvaidis, BEG
2018 Danny Stockli, DGS
2017 Gail Christeson, UTIG
2016 Gulf Coast Carbon Center
2015 Marc Hesse, DGS
2014 Sean Gulick, UTIG
2013 Julia Clarke, DGS
2012 Don Blankenship, UTIG
2011 Brian Horton, DGS
2010-Fall Project STARR
2010-Spring Shirley Dutton, BEG
2009 Jack Holt, UTIG
Steve Ruppel, BEG
2008 Steve Grand, DGS
Bob Loucks, BEG
Paul Mann, UTIG


The Jackson School Outstanding Educator Award recognizes accomplishments in any area that promotes the future success of students, staff, or other faculty and scientists through teaching, mentoring, or supervision of undergraduate or graduate research. The Outstanding Educator Award carries a cash award of $1,000.

Past winners:

2020 Sean Gulick, UTIG, DGS
2019 Julia Clarke, DGS
2018 Tip Meckel, BEG
2017 Brian Horton, DGS/UTIG
2016 Joe Levy, UTIG
2015 Mrinel Sen, UTIG/DGS
2014 David Mohrig, DGS
2013 Jaime Barnes, DGS
2012 Sergey Fomel, DGS
2011 Mark Helper, DGS
2010-Fall Chris Bell, DGS
2010-Spring Jay Banner, DGS
2009 Mark Cloos, DGS
2008 Bill Carlson, DGS