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Christeson and Sen Named UTIG Associate Directors

Mrinal Sen
Gail Christeson

The Institute for Geophysics has selected Gail Christeson and Mrinal Sen to be its new associate directors. Gail Christeson is a senior research scientist at UTIG and Mrinal Sen is a professor and Jackson Chair in Applied Seismology.

“UTIG is fortunate to have such capable scientists who are willing to help with the administration of our group,” said UTIG Director Terry Quinn. “I look forward to working with
them in their new roles.”

As associate directors, Christeson and Sen will assist Quinn in leading the institution and provide guidance and counsel. Both are looking forward to the opportunity to take on the leadership position in the institute.

“I would like to help in bridging between our four existing research themes using quantitative and computational methods and in establishing stronger ties with industry,” said Sen about his goals.

Christeson said she wants to ensure good work is recognized within the institute, and to reach out to the UTIG community on how the institute can be improved further.

“I have two projects I’d like to tackle during the upcoming year,” said Christeson. “First, I’d like to continue efforts to secure award nominations for UTIG scientists and staff so that they can be recognized for their achievements. Secondly, I’d like to meet individually with UTIG scientists, staff and students to learn more about concerns, and any recommendations anyone has on improving the work environment to make us all more effective.

Until this fall, Cliff Frohlich and Jamie Austin, both senior research scientists, served as associate directors. Frohlichis retiring after nearly 40 years at UTIG. He served for 20 years as an associate director, offering support and guidance to the director. Jamie Austin will be continuing his work at UTIG and serving as the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) forum chairperson.