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Levy Named NASA Early Career Fellow

Joseph Levy
Joseph Levy

Joseph Levy, a research associate at the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics (UTIG), was named a NASA Early Career Fellow in February 2016 for his work looking at erosion on Saturn’s moon Titan.

The NASA Early Career Fellowship Program was established in 2005 to provide funding for non tenure track scientists no more than seven years removed from receiving their Ph.D.

Levy joins UTIG’s Krista Soderlund, who was named an early career fellow in 2015 for her research surrounding the internal dynamics and dynamos of Uranus and Neptune. Like Soderlund, Levy’s successful proposal involves
the solar system’s outer planets.

“Everyone knows how erosion works on Earth. You put cobbles or blocks of
stone in a river and as they are tumbled downhill they get smaller and rounder.
It’s Geology 101 at its best,” said Levy.

“The NASA award is to explore the same process on Titan, where instead of rock there is ice and instead of water there is hydrocarbon soup.”