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Scott Tinker News Archive

Leading energy faculty at The University of Texas at Austin shared an update on the innovative research and programs taking place on the Forty Acres during the first-ever UT Energy Summit in Houston. The event, held at Latham & Watkins LLP on April 18, showcased how faculty and staff from UT’s engineering, business and geology…

Can magnetic nanoparticles injected deep underground with hydraulic fracturing liquids reveal detailed dimensions of shale rock fractures and track movements of gas molecules? Can other particles — that change form when they encounter oil — be “interrogated” for clues about the amounts of oil in dense shale formations? These are among the goals of the…

Gas Boom Projected to Grow for Decades

The front page of The Wall Street Journal and scores of media outlets across the country reported that U.S. natural-gas production will accelerate over the next three decades, providing the strongest evidence yet that the energy boom remaking America will last for a generation. The conclusion is based on new research from a team led…

A new study, believed to be the most thorough assessment yet of the natural gas production potential of the Barnett Shale, foresees slowly declining production through the year 2030 and beyond and total recovery at greater than three times cumulative production to date. This forecast has broad implications for the future of U.S energy production…

State Impact Texas (NPR/KUT), July 19, 2012 Featuring: Scott Tinker

Shell, UT Seek Better Shale Methods

Houston Chronicle, Sept. 13, 2011 Featuring: Scott Tinker

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