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Geology Foundation

Foundation leadership offers counsel to enhance the success of the Jackson School.

The UT Geology Foundation, established in 1953, serves “to foster and to promote the growth, progress, and development of geological education, research, and graduate study at the University of Texas.” (Read the History of the Geology Foundation)

We continue to have the highest assets per student of any foundation on campus at UT – a testament to the generosity and success of the University’s geoscience alumni and friends. And we rank second in alumni participation with 9.47% giving this past year. Through its Hall of Distinction, the Jackson School of Geosciences honors individuals with a strong affiliation to the school who have made high-level accomplishments in academia, industry or government. We salute their efforts to positively impact society.

The Geology Foundation is steered by an Advisory Council comprised of friends, alumni and corporate representatives. Council members are champions for the school and model philanthropic leadership for our community. The group meets twice a year and members are appointed by the University president. This group offers experienced business advice, provides feedback on student preparation for the “real world” and advises the Dean of the Jackson School on effective distribution of foundation assets.

We invite you to explore the Geology Foundation endowments by running your cursor over the name of an endowment for more information.


Advisory Council of the Geology Foundation


Mr. Bryan C. Wagner
President, Wagner Oil Company

Vice Chairman

Mr. Brian C. Reinsborough
President and CEO, Venari Resources

Honorary Life Members

Dr. Robert E. Boyer
Professor Emeritus
Mr. L. Decker Dawson
Chairman of the Board, Dawson Geophysical Company
Dr. Rodger E. Denison
Research Scienctist, University of Dallas, Department of Geosciences
Mr. Thomas E. Fanning
Dr. William L. Fisher
Professor, The University of Texas at Austin
Dr. Peter T. Flawn
President Emeritus, The University of Texas at Austin
Mr. William E. Gipson
President, Gas Fund, Inc.
Mr. Jack H. Mayfield
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Goldston Oil Corporation
Mr. James R. Moffett
Executive Chairman, Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, Inc.
Mr. Fred L. Oliver
President, Petroleum Ventures of Texas, Inc.
Mr. James C. Patterson
Conoco/ R
Mr. Russell G. Slayback
Director & Chairman, Leggette, Brashears & Graham, Inc.


Mr. Lawrence E. Archibald
Senior Vice President, Exploration & Business Development, ConocoPhillips
Dr. Ronald A. Bain
Senior Vice President, Exploration & Production, Index Oil & Gas
Ms. Annell R. Bay
SVP Global Exploration, Marathon Oil Company
Mr. C. Douglas Brown
President, BXP Ltd
Mr. Thomas M. Burke
Consultant, Independent/ A
Ms. Denise M. Butler
Regional Geoscience Discipline Lead, Upstream Americas, Shell Exploration and Production Company
Mr. Alfred T. Carleton, Jr.
Ms. Danielle L. Carpenter
Bay Marshland Team Leader, Chevron
Mr. Richard J. Chuchla
New Opportunity Manager/South America, ExxonMobil Company
Mr. Herve Coutrix
Total E&P Research and Technology USA, LLC
Mr. Edward A. Duncan
President and Chief Operating Office, Great Bear Petroleum LLC
James H. Dupree
Regional President, Gulf of Mexico, BP America, Inc
Mrs. Connie M. Dyer
Mr. James W. Farnsworth
President, Chief Exploration Officer, Cobalt International Energy, L.P.
Mrs. Julia A. Garvin
President, Roxanna Oil Co.
Mr. James A. Gibbs
Chairman, Five States Energy Company, L.L. C.
Mr. Gerald M. Gilbert
Senior Vice President, Geokinetics
Mr. Willard R. Green
Owner, Green Energy Resources
Mr. Jeremy Greene
Sr VP Exploration & Production, Peregrine Petroleum LLC
Ms. Robbie R. Gries
President, Priority Oil & Gas Co.
Dr. Paul R. Gucwa
Executive Vice President, Roxanna Oil Company
Mr. Erik G. Hanson
Owner, Abaco Operating, LLC
Mr. Bill D. Holland
President, Holland Exploration Inc.
Mr. Stephen Jumper
President and CEO, Dawson Geophysical Company
Mr. David L. Kirchner
President, Basin & Range Hydrogeologists, Inc.
Mr. James T. Langham
Partner and Co-Founder, Langham McKay & Company
Thomas B. Layman
Vice President Geoscience – Eastern Division, Chesapeake Energy
Dr. Susan A. Longacre
Chevron, Retired
William V. Maloney
Executive Vice President, Development and Production, North America, Statoil
Mr. David T. Martineau
President, Martineau Petroleum, Inc.
Dr. Peter K. M. Megaw
President, Imdex, Inc.
Mr. Forrest W. Pace, Jr.
VP, Exploration Technology and Geoscience, Talisman Energy
Dr. Donald L. Paul
Executive Director, USC Energy Institute and William M. Keck Chair of Energy Resources, University of Southern California
Mr. Wagner Peres
Retired President, HRT, America
Dr. Andrew I. Quarles
Exploration Director, Cuadrilla Resources Ltd.
Dr. David I. Rainey
President, Exploration, BHP Billiton Petroleum
Mr. Walter J. Scherr III
CEO, Valence Operating Company
Mr. Don B. Sheffield
President and CEO, Hahn and Clay
Mr. Daniel L. Smith
Executive Vice President/Owner, Sandalwood Oil & Gas, Inc.
Mr. Richard K. Stoneburner
Mr. Charles G. Weiner
Chairman, Westerly Exploration, Inc.
Dr. Charles R. Williamson
Chairman of Board, Weyerhaeuser Co. & Talisman Energy

Members, Ex-Officio

Dr. Sharon Mosher
Director, Geology Foundation Dean, Jackson School of Geosciences, The University of Texas at Austin
Dr. Gregory L. Fenves
Executive Vice President & Provost, The University of Texas at Austin
Mr. William C Powers, Jr.
President, The University of Texas at Austin
Mrs. Belle German
Associate Director, Geology Foundation, The University of Texas at Austin


Brahman Energy Company Scholarship Fund Field Support
Brown, Ann and C. Douglas, Field Experience Endowment
Bybee, Hal H., Memorial Fund
Bybee, Robert W., Endowment for Student Field Studies
Clinch Field Experience Endowment
Compton Field Experience Endowment
Cotner, The Bill C., Field Experience Fund
DeFord, Ronald K., Field Scholarship Fund
Duchin, Ralph C. and Sally P., Student Field Experiences Endowment
Flores, William S. Sr., Field Experience Endowment
Friends of Student Field Experiences Endowment
Hunt Petroleum Field Camp Scholarship Fund
Isensee, Myrtle and George, Field Experience Endowment
Killam, Radcliffe, Field Geology Endowment
Layman, Rosa and Thomas, Field Experience Fund
Leach, Kathy and Richard, Field Experience Endowment
Lowe, Howard R., Vertebrate Paleontology Endowment
Maxwell, Arthur E., Graduate Fellowship in Geophysics
McQueen Field Experience Endowment
Muehlberger, William R., Field Geology Scholarship Fund
Nelson, Carol B. and W. Edward, Field Camp Experience Endowment
Northwind Exploration Field Experience Endowment
Pace, Woody, Field Geology Fund
Petty, Scott, Marine Geology and Geophysics Fund
Pipkin Field Geology Endowment
Pitts, Carol and Jerry, Field Experience Fund
Plains Exploration and Production Company Field Experience Endowment
Quarles Van Ufford UTIG Field Endowment
Slayback, Judy and Russ, Fund for Hydrogeologic Field Experiences
Thayer, David S., Memorial Scholarship Fund
Wagner Field Geology Fund
Watson, John E., Field Experience Endowment
Weiner, Katherine Hubby, and Stephen P. Weiner Endowed Scholarship
Yager, Charles E., Undergraduate Field Scholarship Fund

Anderson, Mary and Ben, Endowment for Graduate Studies in Geology
Arick, Millard B., Memorial Fund in Petroleum Geology
Barrow, Laura Thomson, Graduate Fellowship
Bloomer Fund for Motivated and Late Bloomer Students
Bowman, Wayne Franklin, Endowed Presidential Scholarship
Boyd, Don R., Endowed Presidental Scholarship
Boyle, Vada A. and Walter V., Graduate Fellowship in Petroleum Geology
Broquet, Charl A.M., Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Brundrett, Jesse L., Memorial Endowed Presidential Scholarship
Bullard, Fred M., Prestigious Graduate Fellowship
Bullard, Fred M., Student Research Fund
Burke, Thomas and Ray, Student Job Program
Cage, Susan K. and Warren “Jack,” Endowed Scholarship
Carleton, The Corinne and Toby, Scholarship Endowment Fund
Carsey, Dorothy Ogden, Memorial Scholarship Fund
Clark, W. Kenley, Memorial Endowed Presidential Scholarship
Cullinan, Joseph S., Memorial Scholarship in Geological Sciences
Cuyler, Robert H., Endowed Presidential Scholarship
DeFord, Ronald K., Technical Session Award
Duchin, Michael Bruce, Centennial Memorial Endowed Presidential Scholarship
Ewing and Worzel Graduate Fellowship
Fanning, Thomas E. and Anna J., Undergraduate Honors Student Scholarship Fund
Florance, Maurice J., Energy and Earth Resources Scholars Fund
Fort Worth Wildcatters Association Undergraduate Scholarship
Geosystems Fund
Gibbs, James A., Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology Graduate Fellowship Fund
Pennzoil and Pogo Producing Companies – William E. Gipson Scholarships
Graduate Fellowship in Exploration Geophysics
Graves, Miss Effie, Scholarship Fund
Greater Texas Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Geosciences: Removing Educational Barriers
Green, Guy E., Endowed Presidential Scholarship
Hagemeier, Karl Frederick Jr., Memorial Endowed Presidential Scholarship
Hamman, Ann and Henry, Scholarship in Geosciences
Holland, Bill D., Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Geological Sciences
Holland Family Scholarship to Support Geosciences Graduate Students
Holland, Jacque Nell and David Sr., Student Excellence Fund in the Geosciences
Ingerson, F. Earl, Graduate Research Assistance Fund in Geochemistry
Isensee, Myrtle and George, Scholarship Endowment
Jackson, John A. and Katherine G., Fellowship in Geohydrology
Jackson, John A. and Katherine G., Fund for Energy and Mineral Resources Student Support
Jackson Undergraduate Scholars Program
Lagoe, Martin B., Student Research Fund for Micropaleontology
Langston, J.D. and V.L., Endowed Scholarship Fund in Geology and Geophysics
Locklin, Nancy and Allen Endowed Scholarship in Petroleum Geology
Lundelius, Ernest L. and Judith W., Endowment in Vertebrate Paleontology
Mackin, J. Hoover, Memorial Scholarship Fund
Marshall, George W. Jr., Memorial Endowed Presidential Scholarship
Maxwell, John C. and Marian B., Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship in Geological Sciences
McCammon, John H. and Lujza, Endowed Scholarship
McCollum, Mr. and Mrs. L.F., Scholarship in Geology
Michaux Scholarship Fund
Middleton, Joan A., Endowed Scholarship in Geology
Miller, Carroll C., Endowed Presidential Scholarship
Moffett, James R., Scholarship Fund
Muehlberger, William R., Graduate Fellowship in Structural Geology/Tectonics
Ogden, Wes, Memorial Scholarship in Geophysics
Oliver, Fred and Frances, Endowed Scholarship
Palisades Geophysical Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship
Reinsborough, Dr. Cambria D. and Brian C., Undergraduate Recruiting Excellence Scholarship
Salvador, Amos, Stratigraphy Scholarship Endowment
Scherck, Louis and Elizabeth, Geology Scholarship
Sharp, Walter Benona, Memorial Scholarship in Geological Sciences
Simonds, F.W., Endowed Presidential Scholarship
Sutherland, Harlan Tod, Memorial Scholarship Fund
Teagle, John and Elizabeth M., Scholarship in Petroleum Geology
Udden Memorial Scholarship Fund
Undergraduate Scholarship to Support Geosciences Students
Vargas, Glenn and Martha, Endowed Presidential Scholarship
Vargas, Glenn and Martha, Gemological Scholarship in Geological Sciences
Weeks, Albert W. and Alice M., Fund in Geology
Wendler, Arno P. (Dutch), Professional Development Fund
White, Gale, Endowed Fellowship in Geophysics
Whitney, Francis L., Endowed Presidential Scholarship
Wilkinson, Addison A. and Mary E., Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Geological Sciences
Yilmaz, Pinar Oya and Zeynep Atalay, Undergraduate Scholarship in the Geosciences


Allday, Edwin, Centennial Chair in Subsurface Geology
Barrow, Leonidas T., Centennial Chair in Mineral Resources
Bowling, Leslie, Professorship in Geological Sciences
Bullard, Fred M., Professorship in Geological Sciences
Carlton, Dave P., Centennial Professorship in Geology
Carlton, Dave P., Centennial Professorship in Geophysics
Chevron Centennial Professorship in Geology
Davis, Morgan J., Centennial Chair in Petroleum Geology
Deussen, Alexander, Professorship of Energy Resources
Elliott, John E. “Brick,” Centennial Endowed Professorship in Geological Sciences
Farish, William Stamps, Chair in Geology
Flawn, Peter T., Centennial Chair in Geology
Geology Foundation Advisory Council Centennial Teaching Fellowship in Geological Sciences
Getty Oil Company Centennial Chair in Geological Sciences
Goldhammer, Robert K., Chair in Carbonate Geology
Gregory, J. Nalle, Chair in Sedimentary Geology
Gregory, J. Nalle, Regents Professorship in Geological Sciences
Haertlein, Rosamond Allen, and Jeanne Allen Ferrin Faculty Fund
Jackson, John A. and Katherine G., Centennial Teaching Fellowship in Geological Sciences
Jackson, John A. and Katherine G., Chair in Applied Seismology
Jackson, John A. and Katherine G., Chair in Computational Geosciences
Jackson, John A. and Katherine G., Chair in Earth System Sciences
Jackson, John A. and Katherine G., Chair in Energy and Mineral Resources
Jackson, John A. and Katherine G., Chair in Geosystems
Jackson, John A. and Katherine G., Decanal Chair in the Geosciences
Payne, Bill R., Centennial Teaching Fellowship
Payne, Joyce Bowman, Centennial Teaching Fellowship
Pratt, Wallace E., Professorship in Geophysics
Scott, Wilton E., Centennial Professorship
Shell Companies Foundation Centennial Chair in Geophysics
Shell Companies Foundation Distinguished Chair in Geophysics
Stokes, William T., Centennial Teaching Fellowship in Geological Sciences
Total E&P USA Petroleum Faculty Fellowship in Geological Sciences
Vargas, Glenn and Martha, Fund for Gem and Mineral Curation
Weeks, Albert W. and Alice M. Centennial Professorship in Geological Sciences
Wilson, John A., Professorship in Vertebrate Paleontology
Yager, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., The First Professorship
Yager, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., The Second Professorship
Yager, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., The Third Professorship



Allday, Edwin, Lectureship in Geological Sciences
Barnes, Virgil E. and Mildred L., Distinguished Lecture Series in Geology
Boyd, Don R. and Patricia Kidd, Lectureship in Petroleum Exploration
Cuyler, Robert H., Endowed Lecture Series
Langston, Clara Jones, Centennial Lectureship in Vertebrate Paleontology
Oliver, Fred L. and Frances J., Lectureship in Texas Hydrology and Water Resources
Oualline, Judd H. and Cynthia S., Centennial Lectureship in Geological Sciences
Oualline, Judd H. and Cynthia S., Centennial Lectureship in Petroleum Geology

Dean’s Annual Awards

Callender, L.W., Memorial Fund
Chuchla, Richard, Dean’s Discretionary Fund
Folk, R.L./E. F. McBride Petrography Fund
Folk, Robert L., Excellence Fund in Geological Sciences
Geology Foundation Excellence Fund
Guion, Thelma Lynn, Geology Staff Award
Heyer, George S., Memorial Fund
Houston Oil and Minerals Corporation Excellence Awards in Geological Sciences
Jackson, John A. and Katherine G., Endowed Fund in Geosciences
Knebel, Carolyn G. and G. Moses, Teaching Fund
Picard, Eleanor, Excellence Award
Tinker, Scott W. and Allyson A., Bureau of Economic Geology Publisher of the Year Award Fund



Darwin Family GeoFORCE Texas Fund
GeoFORCE Texas Fund
Rainey, Janet E. and David I., GeoFORCE Texas Scholarship



Barrow Periodical Fund
Chernoff Family Library Fund for Geophysics and Earth System Sensing
Climate Studies Library Fund
Hydrogeology Library Fund
Tobin International Geological Map Collection Fund
Walter, Joseph C. Jr. and Elizabeth C., Geology Library Fund
Wendlandt, E.A., Fund
Whitney, F.L., Memorial Book Fund



Backus, Milo M., Endowed Fund in Exploration Geophysics
Barron, E.M., Endowment Fund
Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) Research Endowment Fund
Bybee, Hal P., Memorial Fund
Carsey, J. Ben Sr., Special Maintenance Fund
Clabaugh, S.E. and Patricia S., Fund in Geology Research
Collins, Hubert, Endowment for the Bureau of Economic Geology
Dawson, L. Decker, Fund in Exploration Geophysics
Ellison, Samuel P. Jr., Fund
Energy and Mineral Resources Fund
Institute for Geophysics Excellence Fund
Jackson, John A. and Katherine G., Exploration Geophysics Fund
Langston, J. Donald, Special Operations Fund
Langston, Wann and Marietta, Research Fund in Vertebrate Paleontology
Larsen, Jack K.,-Mesa Petroleum Company Fund in Sedimentary Geology
Mayfield, Jack H. Jr., Fund for Excellence in the Geological Sciences
Oualline, Judd H., Endowment Fund
Owen, Ed., – Geo. Coates Fund
Patterson, James C., Fund for Excellence in the Geophysical Sciences
Petty, O. Scott, Geophysical Fund
Sellards, Elias, Writer in Residence Fund
Structural Geology and Tectonics Fund
Swenumson-Baker Geophysics Excellence Fund
Vargas, Glenn and Martha, Endowment for Gems and Gem Minerals Instruction
Wilson, John A., Excellence Fund for the Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory
Writer-in-Residence Endowment
Young, Keith and Ann, Endowed Fund for the Curation of Non-Vertebrate Collections

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