Geology Foundation Advisory Council

Foundation leadership offers counsel to enhance the success of the Jackson School.

The Geology Foundation is steered by an Advisory Council comprised of friends, alumni and corporate representatives. Council members are champions for the school and model philanthropic leadership for our community. This group meets twice per year to offer experienced business advice, provide feedback on student preparation for the “real world” and advise the Dean of the Jackson School on effective distribution of foundation assets.

Through its Hall of Distinction, the Jackson School of Geosciences honors individuals with a strong affiliation to the school who have made high-level accomplishments in academia, industry or government. We salute their efforts to positively impact society.


Dr. David I. Rainey

Honorary Life Members

Dr. Robert E. Boyer Mr. Thomas E. Fanning Dr. William L. Fisher
Mr. William E. Gipson
Gas Fund, Inc.
Mr. Jack H. Mayfield
Mayfield I, Ltd.
Mr. James R. Moffett
Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, Inc.
Mr. Fred L. Oliver Mr. James C. Patterson Mr. Don B. Sheffield
Hahn and Clay
Mr. Russell G. Slayback
Leggette, Brashears & Graham, Inc.


Ms. Annell R. Bay Mr. C. Douglas Brown
Mr. Thomas M. Burke
Ms. Denise M. Butler
Shell Exploration and Production Company
Ms. Danielle L. Carpenter
Mr. Andy Castaldi
Carlotta Chernoff
Pam Darwin
Dr. George H. Davis
University of Arizona
Mr. Edward A. Duncan
Duncan Petroleum Advisors
Mrs. Connie M. Dyer Mr. James W. Farnsworth
Blackston Group-Beacon Offshore Operating Partner-Azimuth Capital
Randy Foutch
Laredo Petroleum
Mrs. Julia A. Garvin
Roxanna Oil Co.
Mr. James A. Gibbs
Five States Energy Company, L.L.C.
Mr. Gerald M. Gilbert
Joe Greenberg
Alta Resources
Mr. Jeremy Greene
Noble Energy
Ms. Robbie R. Gries
Priority Oil & Gas Co.
Claudia Hackbarth
Mr. Erik G. Hanson
Abaco Operating, LLC
Dr. Kelly A. Hereid
Mr. Bill D. Holland
Holland Exploration Inc.
Mr. Stephen C. Jumper
Dawson Geophysical Company
Mr. David L. Kirchner
Basin & Range Hydrogeologists, Inc.
Mr. James T. Langham
Langham McKay & Company
Jeff Larson
Luxe Energy
Mr. Thomas B. Layman Dr. Susan A. Longacre Mr. Richard Lunam
Dr. Robert E. Mace
Meadows Foundation
Mr. David T. Martineau
Martineau Petroleum, Inc.
Mr. Otaviano de Cruz Pessoa Neto
Petroleo Brasileiro S. A. Petrobras
Abayomi Olufowoshe
Mr. Forrest W. Pace, Jr.
Elliott Pew
Ms. Deborah Pfeiffer Mr. David A. Pustka
Blue Streak Exploration
Andrew Quarles
Endeavor Energy Resources
Brian Reinsborough
Novara Resources
Gregg Robertson
First Rock, Inc.
Matt Rodell
Dr. Enrique X. Rosero
ExxonMobil Corporation
Dr. Vincent Saubestre
Total E&P Research and Technology
Mr. Walter J. Scherr III
Valence Operating Company
Mr. Daniel L. Smith
Sandalwood Oil & Gas, Inc.
Mr. Richard K. Stoneburner
Pine Brook Partners
Mr. Bryan C. Wagner
Wagner Oil Company
Mr. John E. Watson Dr. Charles R. Williamson Ms. Cindy A. Yeilding
BP America

Members, Ex-Officio

Dr. Gregory L. Fenves
The University of Texas at Austin
Dr. Claudia Mora
Geology Foundation
Jackson School of Geosciences
The University of Texas at Austin
Mrs. Belle German
Geology Foundation
Jackson School of Geosciences
The University of Texas at Austin


Read the Advisory Council By-Laws and Procedures (PDF)