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UT has been graduating geologists for over 100 years, and the Jackson School is proud to claim over 4600 alumni around the globe. This group represents some of the finest earth science minds in the business. To recognize this important group, the school created the Friends and Alumni Network (FANs).  We seek to grow the premier alumni program for geoscientists in the nation, and all UT geo graduate and friends with an interest in the geosciences, are invited to participate.

Come back to the 40 acres or gather with a regional chapter and reignite your connection to your geology roots.

Networking Receptions

I highly encourage all alumni to participate in FANs events, which provide great opportunities to learn about cutting edge research from the University’s best and brightest, network with an outstanding group of your professional peers, and renew connections with your classmates and professors. In addition, you can help ensure a strong future geoscience workforce through your support of FANs-sponsored student programs by providing summer employment, making financial contributions, and serving as inspiring role models in outreach activities.
- Bonnie, B.S. ’74, M.A. ’79

You can find us at professional meetings or in your local community. Access our events calendar or contact a chapter director to get involved.

Continuing Education

Stay engaged in relevant issues and hear from the experts.  We bring UT’s best and brightest faculty to your community. Over the last few years we have covered such timely topics as the BP Macondo Incident, Haiti Earthquake and Edwards Aquifer. All of our discussions count as a Professional Geoscientist Credit.

Social Media

Looking for a long lost classmate?  Want to reconnect with a faculty member?  Join us on Facebook to get the very latest!

Field Trips and Travel

Small group travel in the company of JSG alumni and faculty! Check out the 2011 trip to Italy with Dr. McBride and the upcoming 2012 trip to Antarctica with Dr. Ian Dalziel.

JSG Reunion

Come back to the 40 Acres to Reconnect, Relive and Remember
April 26th-27th More info.

The University of Texas at Austin and the Department of Geological Sciences had a profound impact on my life and success, so I benefited personally and professionally as a graduate of the school. And the degree has power in the market place that I’ve benefited from. So I wanted to give back some of my time and energy. I have much to share from my personal experience that might benefit some of the students that are there today. - Doug Brown (BS ’84),
FANs President, 2010

Undergraduate Recruiting

The FANs board is committed to recruiting the best and brightest undergraduates to the Jackson School. Through personal calls and emails, our efforts bring a level of community that is quite unique on a campus as large as the 40 Acres.

Mock and Speed Interviews

FANs efforts continue once students are a part of the JSG community. Volunteers come to campus every fall to ensure Jackson School students stand out in the highly competitive interview process.

Earth Is CallingThe Friends and Alumni Network is on a mission to inspire the next generation of geoscientists. The field of geosciences, like the universe, is expanding and nearly every area of thisvast field is predicting a shortage of qualified people.

As a geoscientist, you know that the industry offers students a career with plenty of job opportunities, competitive pay, opportunities for travel and chances to influence policy of corporationsand governments around the globe. But students rarely think of geosciences among their careeroptions. Most high school students don’t know what the geosciences are. They don’t understand the role of geoscientists in shaping global history and in shaping issues they often are passionate about such as the environment.

Earth is CallingWe’re asking working geoscientists to take time to go to schools and infuse students with knowledge and passion…for the sake of the planet.

We need to explain to students why geology is the science for the 21st century. We’re asking alumni to serve as role models and ambassadors in their local high school, sharing our professional materials andanswering questions.

Here are your tools:

  • A high impact, professional video to share with students highlighting geosciences career opportunities, the demand for future geoscientists and the crucial role geoscientists will playin the future
  • Creative leave-behind materials directing them to online resources to learn more
  • Website showcasing the breadth and depth of geosciences career paths
  • You and your experiences. After the video, share with students your experience and why earth science interests you. Why whatyou do matters and why the study of the earth is vital to our future on every level

Learn more about the Earth is Calling outreach effort

2014 Friends and Alumni Network Board Members

Heather Wilson Echols, B.S. ’79

President – Elect
Dax McDavid, B.A. ’03; M.A. ’06

Past President
Elliott Pew, M.A. ’82

Networking Director
Kathy Weiner, B.S. ’83

Outreach Director
Bonnie Weise, B.S. ’74; M.A. ’79

Austin Chapter Director
Riley Blake B.S. ’09

Colorado Chapter Directors
Mark Ver Hoeve, M.A. ’82
Janice Ver Hoeve, M.A. ’82

Dallas Chapter Directors
Richard Leach B.S. ’77
Marcus Chroback B.S. ’10

Houston Chapter Directors
Bill Agee B.S. ’83; M.A. ’90
Bruno Maldonado, B.S. ’82
Mike Looney, B.S. ’71; M.A. ’77

Midland Chapter Director
Phillip Robertson, B.S. ’82

San Antonio Chapter Director
John Long, M.S. ’78

Corpus Christi Chapter Director
Frank Cornish, M.A. ’75

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