Listen Up: JSG scientists launch podcasts

Looking to add more geosciences to your podcast lineup? Scientists at the Jackson School of Geosciences can help. Learn more about the two podcasts recently launched by scientists at the school.

Logo The Water Resources Podcast

The “Water Resources Podcast” is hosted by Bridget Scanlon, a senior research scientist at the school’s Bureau of Economic Geology. Scanlon is a world-renowned water researcher interested in water supply and use issues and solutions for sustainable water management. She takes a similarly broad approach to the podcast, welcoming a range of experts from around the world to talk water. Recent episodes include drought forecasting in East Africa with Chris Funk, water issues in Argentina with Esteban Jobbagy, and the impacts of global food trade on water and food security with Paolo D’ Odorico.

Scanlon said she got the idea for the podcast when leading a review study of global water resources. The paper brought together nearly two dozen researchers and provided a high-level overview of water challenges facing people and the planet. She thought a podcast could help spread the word about global water issues and the people trying to mitigate them in a format that’s more accessible than traditional publications or presentations.

“It’s a different way of learning,” Scanlon said. “You get a different side of the story when you don’t have PowerPoint or slides.”

With support from the bureau and the National Academy of Engineering, Scanlon worked with UT’s Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services (LAITS) to get the podcast up and running. The first episode launched in February 2023.

Scanlon said she’s a big fan of podcasts, with Robert Bryce’s energy podcast Power Hungry being a favorite for her morning commute. She said learning new things during her drive is energizing and exciting. She hopes that her podcast can do the same to get people interested in water resources.

“It would be great if some people learn things from these podcasts, and come away with different ideas about how the world works,” Scanlon said.

New episodes of the “Water Resources Podcast” air every other Thursday. Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or watch on YouTube. Visit the “Water Resources Podcast” website for episode transcripts and highlights.

Have an ideas for an episode or guest? Contact Scanlon at

Science Yall Thumbnail2Science, Y’all Podcast

First there was Science, Y’all the blog, a website featuring writing by Jackson School of Geosciences students about their research and experiences.

Now there’s Science, Y’all the podcast, an offshoot produced by Jackson School graduate students Noah Benitez-Nelson and Nick Regier, who interview members of the Jackson School’s research community, including students and faculty, on each 20-30 minute episode.

While the show certainly delves into science and research, its larger goal, according to the show’s hosts, is to helps listeners get to know more about Jackson School faculty and research scientists as people.

“We decided to build our audience toward people who want to know who the faculty are, not only what their research is, but who they are as people behind the scenes,” said Regier.

Benitez-Nelson and Regier are both master’s students at the Jackson School. They met and became fast friends on their introductory student field trip. After learning about the Science, Y’all blog from Jackson School learning scientist and writer-in-residence Adam Papendieck, Benitez-Nelson was inspired to produce a podcast spin-off with the same name. He asked Regier to co-host, and the two got to work interviewing Jackson School scientists.

Their first episode launched November 2022.

Their guests so far include friends and fellow students Morgan Carrington and Michelle Tebolt, Professor Chris Bell, Professor Emeritus Jack Sharp and Assistant Professor Matt Malkowski.

According to the hosts, they try and keep production of the podcast as simple as possible. They record interviews on their cell phones and edit them using Audacity, a free program.

“All [the podcast] really requires is questions and conversations,” Benitez-Nelson said.

But simple is working for them, with students and faculty from across the Jackson School’s Department of Geological Sciences tuning in and learning more about the community around them.

“You meet people and see them in the hallway, but unless you’re working with them closely, that’s all you see,” Regier said. “This is a great means of just getting to know these faculty better, and building deeper roots to the department.”

Anyone can tune into the Science, Y’all podcast on Spotify. Contact the Science, Y’all podcast and blog at

For more information, contact: Anton Caputo, Jackson School of Geosciences, 210-602-2085; Monica Kortsha, Jackson School of Geosciences, 512-471-2241