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Women’s History Month: Geoscientist Highlights

Marie Tharp: Creator of the first global ocean floor map. Born in Ypsilanti, MI, Tharp’s father was a soil surveyor for the US Dept of Agriculture. As a child she would accompany her father in the field & through this, was introduced to map-making. Despite moving constantly for her father’s…

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Experiences of Pregnancy in the Field of Geoscience

Please note, this blog post is only intended to record individual experiences, none of the authors are medical doctors, and your experience of pregnancy may be different. Please seek the advice of a doctor for your specific case. Katherine’s responses were lightly edited for clarity.  What is your area of…

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Introducing the Geoscience & Ethics Series

Intro: As physical scientists, we in the Jackson School face many ethical questions at almost every step of our research journey. While hard science is often our driving factor and motivation, it is nearly impossible to separate our research from the society in which we live. With this outlook in…

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Black History Month: Geoscientist Highlights

Dr. Marguerite Thomas Williams: the first Black person to receive a doctorate in geology in the United States. Dr. Marguerite Thomas Williams began her education at what is now the University of D.C., where she trained in teaching. After performing exceptionally, she got a scholarship to study geology at Howard…

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Accessible and Accessorized: Tips for Affordable Field Work

Many geoscientists rely on observations seen in nature (or, “the field”, as we call it) to investigate natural processes—from sedimentation to ice sheet behavior to deformation recorded in rocks at the surface today. Field work can last anywhere from days to months and students may embark on journeys across isolated…

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