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Experiences at Quadrennial Conferences

Scientific conferences are exciting occasions to be at and are certainly a crucial part of grad school life. Conferences give us the platform to share our research with our scientific communities, and beyond. Often the big conferences like the Geological Society of America (GSA), the American Geophysical Union (AGU) or…

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Jackson School Graduates: Where are They Now? Where Could You Go?

So where do JSG graduates end up in the career web?  To unearth the career trajectories of JSG graduates, I started with Courtney Vletas, the Associate Director of Alumni Engagement. Every year, this office sends out a survey to recent post-graduates in an effort to consolidate the whereabouts of JSG…

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Pride Month: Geoscientist Highlights

To start off, check out this Q&A by Elenita Makani Nicholas from the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability that explores the importance of discussing gender and sexuality in the geosciences! Dr. Clyde Wahrhaftig Dr. Clyde Wahrhaftig was a glacial geologist and LGBTQ+ leader in the geosciences. In 1919, Dr. Wahrhaftig…

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The Undergraduate Honors field trip to Southern Germany

Field trips are always an exciting way to explore geological outcrops, and it is even more fun when you get to co-lead one. In Spring 2023, I had the wonderful opportunity to co-lead the Undergraduate Honors Research Program (UHRP) annual field trip, where we spent a week in Southern Germany….

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Women’s History Month: Geoscientist Highlights

Marie Tharp: Creator of the first global ocean floor map. Born in Ypsilanti, MI, Tharp’s father was a soil surveyor for the US Dept of Agriculture. As a child she would accompany her father in the field & through this, was introduced to map-making. Despite moving constantly for her father’s…

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