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Accessible and Accessorized: Tips for Affordable Field Work

Many geoscientists rely on observations seen in nature (or, “the field”, as we call it) to investigate natural processes—from sedimentation to ice sheet behavior to deformation recorded in rocks at the surface today. Field work can last anywhere from days to months and students may embark on journeys across isolated…

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From Our Desk to Your Ears: Introducing the Science, Y’all! Podcast

We’ve decided to relaunch the Science, Y’all! Podcast as another avenue of sharing those aspects of academics, research, and general campus life otherwise unknown to the broader Austin community.  Nick Regier and I are excited to host the podcast and share some of our favorite people and stories from the Jackson School…

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Listening to Glaciers in Disenchantment Bay

Turner Glacier is of particular interest right now to glaciologists as it is one of the few glaciers worldwide that is advancing. We were based in the fishing village of Yukutat (population 600) from which our team had to travel over an hour by boat each day up to the…

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Perspective: Designing the JSG Climate Survey

The 2022 JSG climate survey, for all staff, faculty, postdocs, graduate students and geoscience undergraduate students, will be the first baseline measure of the JSG workplace climate. Repeat surveys every 2 years will track change over time and response to particular policies or initiatives. Importantly, the climate survey will also…

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Reflections from the International Students Seminar

The International Students Seminar Eirini M. Poulaki The idea for this seminar was inspired from McGill University. Catherine Ross (PhD 2022) saw a Twitter post about it, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to bring this into the Jackson School! The goal of this seminar is to…

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