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The Alaskan classroom: studying glaciers in the Last Frontier

This past June, I had the opportunity to hang out with a bunch of awesome students, professors, and scientists in McCarthy, Alaska for the International Summer School in Glaciology. It was a ten-day wild ride of lectures, projects, field excursions, dogs, delicious food, and rapidly-forming friendships. Our welcome to McCarthy,…

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Midnight Sun in the High Arctic

In early August, Cullen Kortyna (JSG PhD, 2020) and I were lucky enough to travel to Svalbard (the archipelago in the Arctic Ocean between 74-81°N) for a week long, intensive course on Arctic tectonics, volcanism, and climate. We spent nine days in Longyearbyen (78°N!) with 13 other students and 11…

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Don’t go far, go wide

Hi Evan, This is Evan. Before enrolling in UT’s grad program, here’s one essential fact you should take to heart: research takes time. Graduate school will challenge you to voraciously learn and store everything to long-term memory but there’s only so much information you can cram into that big forehead…

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Is that all you’ve got? Science, adventure, and team building

We were up too early with too little sleep, but the three of us had a long field day of cave monitoring to attend to. We drove an hour on winding desert roads toward Sitting Bull Falls cave, just north of the Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico. The January temperatures remained…

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Become a Geoscientist, See the World!

As I near the finish line for my M.S. here at the Jackson School, it is easy for me to slip into the sad funk often associated with a graduate student tirelessly writing away and trying to regain the enthusiasm for her research. However, I remind myself that it is…

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