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Spotlight on JSG Researchers for High School Students

During the spring ‘19 semester I was the student liaison and project coordinator for a video series used in this year’s (’19-’20) Texas OnRamps geoscience course, entitled Earth, Wind, and Fire (EWF). I was drawn to work at OnRamps because of their mission to improve college enrollment in under-represented groups…

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Part I: Geoscience themed songs from around the world

Art through music and film-making is an integral part of everyone’s daily life. Multiple studies (Ilari et al., 2013; Marsh, 2009) have explored the importance music plays in human existence from educative songs taught to children or exploring different cultures through the lens of music. Geosciences is no exception to…

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Send it for Science: A Mojave Desert Adventure

Let’s be real, we all love fieldwork. It feels great to take a break from the repetitive days of grinding in the office and go outside to get your hands dirty. In mid-October I was fortunate to travel to the Mojave Desert and participate in the Mojave Broadband Seismic Experiment….

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From Russia, with Love: International Collaboration in Eastern Siberia

From August through early September, we spent four weeks in Russia, three of which were in remote eastern Siberia, doing field work at the slowest convergent margin (i.e., where two tectonic plates are moving toward one another) in the world! We traversed the dramatic terrain of the Verkhoyansk fold-thrust belt…

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The Alaskan classroom: studying glaciers in the Last Frontier

This past June, I had the opportunity to hang out with a bunch of awesome students, professors, and scientists in McCarthy, Alaska for the International Summer School in Glaciology. It was a ten-day wild ride of lectures, projects, field excursions, dogs, delicious food, and rapidly-forming friendships. Our welcome to McCarthy,…

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