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Are you a grad student or undergrad that wants to contribute to Science, Y’all!?


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Check out for opportunities to be featured on Science, Y’all! social media or to be featured in our “Science Gone Wrong” stories post.

Blog Posts:

We are always looking for short blog posts (200-600 words) about your research, lab experiences, field experiences, and student life in general.

Need a writing prompt? Here are some ideas that would make great blog posts:

  • What do JSG geoscientists do over winter or spring break?
  • Writing grant proposals? Let us know about your experience!
  • Did you receive funding from a student grant proposal? What’s your advice?
  • Preparing for your qualifying exam? How’s it going?
  • Have you already passed your qualifying exam? What did you wish you had known while preparing for quals?
  • What’s it like being a grad student in Austin, TX?
  • What are your favorite geo sites in Austin?
  • Have an interesting visitor coming to the department? Interview them and write a blog post!
  • Have a unique perspective on a current issue as a student geoscientist?
  • What interesting tools/machines do you use for your research?

Blog – How to Submit:

Fill out this word template and email it along with one or more photos to

Blog – Before you Submit:

Feel free to email us at if you:

  • have questions or feedback about this blog,
  • have ideas for blog posts or solicitations,
  • want to be involved in the editorial process, social media outreach, etc.