T. rex Couldn’t Stick Out Its Tongue

Dinosaurs in reconstructions are often shown with tongues wildly waving — a feature that is incorrect, according to new research conducted by The University of Texas at Austin and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Spencer Wright.

T. rex may have been a highly successful predator, but it would have been terrible at licking stamps, lollipops or popsicles, thanks to a tongue that was likely fixed to the bottom of its mouth.

A new study calls into question artists’ renditions of T. rex and other dinosaurs that show them with their tongues protruding from gaping jaws—a pose that is commonly seen in modern lizards. But even though lizards are tops at tongue waving, dinosaurs probably couldn’t stick out their tongues, researchers recently discovered.

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Featuring: Julia Clarke, John A. Wilson Professor in Vertebrate Paleontology, Department of Geological Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences