Edwin T. Dumble (1852-1927)

Edwin T. Dumble

Edwin Theodore Dumble. Image from Simonds,1928, Bull. Geol. Soc. Am., v. 39, p.18-29, pl. 1

B.Sc. Washington and Lee

State Geologist for the Third Survey of Texas, 1888-1895.

He prepared a major report on brown coal and lignite in Texas.

Active in the Rio Bravo Oil Company, the oil branch of Southern Pacific properties.

Opened a lab for the study of oil-bearing sands by their foraminifera.

The Dumble vertebrate fossil collection was one of three collections that were merged in 1950 to form the original collection of the Vertebrate Paleontology Lab.

Learn more about Dumble and the Dumble Survey (or Third Geological and Mineralogical Survey of Texas, which lasted from 1888-1901).