Field Guides

The Search for Devil’s Eye (web module and smart phone app)
The Search for Devil’s Eye (Google map)
The Search for Devil’s Eye (PDF)
Beachcombing in Austin? (explore different sites around the Austin area for evidence of marine life from millions of years ago)
Walking the forty acres (a self-guided tour of building stones on the University of Texas at Austin campus)

Interactive Modules

Fossil Roulette

Scan QR code for Fossil Roulette mobile app (Android)

Fossil Roulette A project to bring fossil samples from the collections into the mobile electronic world. Each image is served with explanatory text. Now available on the tumblr microblogging platform

Virtual Exhibits

Glen Evans: The Compleat Naturalist

Physical Exhibits

Squids: The Cretaceous Ink Well
Texas Memorial Museum


Texas Geologic History
About Paleontology
What are Fossils?
How are fossils preserved?
Where do you find fossils?
Why are there marine fossils around Austin?
Why Keep Collections?
Trace Fossils
Molds & Casts
Algae & Bacteria
Echinoids & Starfish
The Texas Memorial Museum Starfish
Comet and Meteors: When to Watch for Them
Gems & Minerals