Working on the Canyon Lake Spillway Gorge project

Working on the Canyon Lake Spillway Gorge project

A large body of research created these collections. The initial reason for collection may have been for mapping, biostratigraphic or taxonomic investigations, but later research often relies upon continued access to the specimens. Future research may be entirely different from the original.

Currently NPL carries out research both in the area of digital management and curatorial techniques as well as actively promoting and describing new field projects and new research using specimens that are already part of the repository.

Citations to the research studies are tracked using Google Scholar, and demonstrate ongoing relevance of the collections.

We are keen to encourage researchers to include, in addition to their specific research fields,  basic field data needed to make their specimens more useful when aggregated, and more efficiently incorporated into our (or any) robust relational database. To facilitate this we are happy to provide a template for gathering data in the field.