Book: A Concise Guide to Geopressure: Origin, Prediction, and Applications

Geopressure Book

Peter Flemings, Professor & Research Scientist, Department of Geological Sciences & Institute for Geophysics

A Concise Guide to Geopressure reflects 25 years of pore pressure research at the UT Geofluids Consortium. The book serves as a guide to petroleum reservoirs and how scientists and engineers can safely and economically drill geological systems. The same concepts and lessons are important for storing carbon dioxide underground and drilling geothermal energy wells.

The book also explains how geopressure controls geological phenomena, such as submarine landslides and subduction zone earthquakes. By bringing together the disciplines of geotechnical engineering, petroleum engineering and geoscience, the book offers a holistic perspective on an important topic.

The book has its own website and is available through Cambridge University Press.