Clennett Receives Fulbright

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Incoming doctoral student Edward Clennett received a Fulbright All Disciplines Postgraduate Award from the US-UK Fulbright Commission. The award provides funding for Clennett’s first year as a graduate student at the Jackson School of Geosciences.

Clennett earned a master’s degree in earth sciences from the University of Oxford, where he conducted research on plate tectonics. He will be continuing his tectonics research at the Jackson School, working closely with professors Thorsten Becker and Claudio Faccenna.

“I really love fundamental research into geodynamics and tectonics, and all the processes that shape our planet,” Clennett said. “I’m also keen on relating my research in tectonics to things like climate science and natural hazards and all those important issues that are so well known around the world, but that people wouldn’t necessarily recognize as ‘Oh, geosciences!’”