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Geoscience Empowerment Network Builds Support and Diversity at JSG


In spring 2018, faculty and graduate students founded the Geoscience Empowerment Network (GEN), an organization dedicated to fostering a more inclusive and equitable environment for people of different backgrounds at the Jackson School of Geosciences through mentorship and outreach.

“My reasons for founding GEN is in response to a need for a more supportive community for our students, faculty and staff who are from diverse backgrounds,” said Associate Professor Ginny Catania, a founding member of GEN. “My goal is to prepare our students to be the future leaders in geosciences, and in providing this support we can attract a more diverse set of students to the JSG.”

The organization offers the Jackson School research community opportunities for personal and career development and mentorship, and frequently hosts female and minority speakers to talk about their own experiences navigating a career in the geosciences.

In addition to supporting the current Jackson School community, GEN is working with the Office of Outreach and Diversity to develop plans for a number of outward facing initiatives to help recruit and retain minorities. They include outreach at minority-serving institutions, minority-centered scholarships and providing funds for minority students to visit the Jackson School during Prospective Student Weekend.

The organization is interested in building a network of mentors and supporters from both industry and academia. To get involved, visit