Student-led JSG Research Symposium

In February 2014, the Graduate Student Executive Committee and ConocoPhillips hosted the second installment of a new tradition, the annual Jackson School Research Symposium.

The goal is to stage an AGU-style poster competition with students presenting their research. Faculty and research scientists serve as judges. This year’s contest was an even larger success than the first, creating a great training ground for the professional presentation of science.

Best Posters for 2014


1st Place, Audrey Eljuri, “The Efficiency of Stormwater Management Structures, Rain Gardens and Vegetated Retention Ponds in Reducing Urban Runoff and Contaminants in Downtown Austin, Texas.”

2nd place, Julie Zurbuchen, “Imaging Evidence for Hubbard Glacier Advances and Retreats since the Last Glacial Maximum in Disenchantment and Yakutat Bays, Alaska.”

Early-Career Graduate:

1st Place, Joshua Davis, “A New Tectonic Model for the Breakup of India and East Antarctica.”

2nd Place, Jacob Jordan, “Reactive melt transport in binary solid solution.” Late-Career Masters: 1st place, Felicia Kulp, “Examination of Gentoo Penguin (Pygoscelis papua) Feather Microstructure.” 2nd place, Michael Cronin, “Core-scale heterogeneity and dual-permeability pore structure in the Barnett Shale.”

Late-Career Ph.D. Award:

1st place, Marie G. Cavitte, “Constraints on Transient Fast Flow at South Pole in the Last Glacial Cycle.”

2nd place, Rattanaporn Fong-Ngern, “Peculiar deepwater slope morphology in the semi-enclosed Mio-Pliocene Dacian Basin, Romania.”

Best-Represented Research Group:

1st place, Bayani Cardenas’s research group

2nd place, Daniel Stockli’s research group

The public is invited to attend the 2015 symposium on Feb. 7 in the Texas Union Ballroom at the University of Texas at Austin. Visit for more information.