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Scientist Profiles

Peter Eichhubl joined the Bureau of Economic Geology in the University of Texas at Austin’s Jackson School of Geosciences as a research scientist in January 2006. Eichhubl’s research addresses the formation of faults and fractures, their effect on flow of water and hydrocarbons in the subsurface, and the chemical interaction of these fluids with rock…

David Mohrig keeps a flat, palm-sized rock on his desk that he’s had since he was six years old. He found it on a fossil-hunting trip with his father. Look closely at the piece of shallow marine limestone and you’ll see broken bits of ancient denizens of the sea: bryozoans, brachiopods, crinoids, gastropods and trilobites….

Timothy (Tip) Meckel joined the Bureau of Economic Geology as a research associate in July 2006. His research aims to discover what happens when fluids are injected into the subsurface. He works within the Gulf Coast Carbon Center investigating the geomechanical aspects of subsurface injections, seal capacity and integrity, and geophysical methods for monitoring subsurface…

Fossil corals help predict severity of global warming By Marc Airhart Oct. 30, 2006 Terry Quinn searches for just the right kinds of coral. “We look for big Volkswagen-sized corals,” he said. “Branching corals and big sea fans are pretty to look at, but they aren’t necessarily good for climate records. So we look for…

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