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2016 Newsletter

Welcome to the Jackson School of Geosciences 2016 Newsletter. A tradition since 1950, the Newsletter highlights research, news and achievements by Jackson School faculty, students, scientists and alumni.


Alexandros Savvaidis had never been to Texas before starting his new position at the Bureau of Economic Geology. Since arriving in January 2016 though, the native Greek has become very familiar with the large expanse of land within the state’s borders.

About 15 miles offshore of Progreso, a beach town near the Yucatán Peninsula’s capitol city Mérida, a black and yellow boat called Myrtle stands still in the Gulf of Mexico, dark blue waves rolling beneath it.

Plate tectonics is the dominant geological process on Earth, explaining phenomena as diverse as mountain building and megathrust earthquakes, to the distribution of fossils and living organisms across continents. But fundamental questions remain about how plate boundaries form and persist over geologic time.

Buried deep beneath the world’s oceans and Arctic permafrost is a mysterious substance that holds the promise of an enormous amount of energy.

From its humble origins as little more than a visual guide to surface rock formations, the geologic map has evolved into a rich, multilayered tool used by a variety of disciplines. In Texas, the Jackson School of Geosciences Bureau of Economic Geology has been central to that evolution for over a century.

From scanning moon rocks and Martian meteorites to helping solve what killed Lucy, the world's most famous fossil of a human ancestor, the Jackson School's CT lab continues its mission of world-class scientific discovery.

In 1972 The University of Texas Institute for Geophysics (UTIG) began acquiring and processing seismic data in the Gulf of Mexico to better understand its geology.


Sharon MosherAs you browse this year’s alumni Newsletter, I think you will agree that it has been another tremendous year of scientific discovery at the Jackson School of Geosciences... read more

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