Congratulations to the Student Research Symposium Winners!

Claudia Mora
Claudia Mora

JSG Community,

Please join me in congratulating the winners of our 11th Annual Student Symposium held on Saturday, March 26. Our alumni and JSG judges were incredibly impressed by the quality of the students’ research and their ability to communicate that science effectively.  They are a true credit to our school and we are extremely proud of their efforts. Great job!

Together, we thank the many people who made this event possible: an enthusiastic and conscientious team of judges, as well many alumni, graduate students and staff from across the Jackson School who assisted in organizing, site participation, and clean-up.  Special thanks go to graduate student Emily Hinshaw, chief (and masterful!) organizer of the symposium, staff members Kristen Tucek and Georgia Sanders, the Bureau of Economic Geology for opening their beautiful facilities to host the event, and to Johanna Moutoux, representing our event sponsor ConocoPhillips, who also participated as a judge.

The winners are:

High School Students

  • Maria Contreras and Megan Marostica – First Place

Title:  Salacia: Creating Another Earth

  • Divya Shukla and Lainie Stone – Second Place

Title:  Terraforming Terrestrial Planets

  • Keira Boehle and Heba Dalu – Honorable Mention

Title:  Paradome:  Paraterraform Your Paradise


Undergraduate – Best Poster Award:

  • Carole Lakrout – First Place

Title:  Identifying Micro-biomes and Biomineralization in Caves

  • Reem Alomar– Second Place

Title:  Seismic data matching by least-squares non-stationary triangle smoothing

  • Matthew Riley – Honorable Mention

Title:  Chlorine and Fluorine Abundances of Hydrous Minerals in Colorado Plateau Mantle Xenoliths: A Step Towards Quantifying the Mantle Halogen Budget


Early Career Graduate Student

  • Grace Guryan – First Place

Title: Lithologic Controls on Landscape Evolution: Modeling how the Cover Effect Influences Effective Erodibility

  • Patricia Standring – Second Place

Title: Deep Ocean Circulation in the Southern Gulf of Mexico at the Eocene-Oligocene Transition

  • Mariel D. Nelson – Honorable Mention

Title:  Characterizing short-term alluvial river bank erosion patterns with time-lapse airborne lidar and UAV-derived structure-from-motion topography data


Late Career Masters

  • Caroline McKeighan – First Place

Title:  3D Interpretation, Structural Characterization, and Seismogenic Association of Faults in the Eagle Ford Region, south-central Texas

  • Gabrielle Varona – Second Place

Title:  Paleogeographic evolution of the Orange and Green sands in WR 313, Deep-water Gulf of Mexico

  • Maximilian Ehrenfels – Honorable Mention

Title:  Intrusion and cooling history of some late-tectonic Salem granites (Namibia) as deduced from U-Pb and Ar-Ar thermochronology and implications for the Damara orogeny


Late Career Ph.D.

  • Ethan Conrad – First Place

Title:  The structural and morphological evolution of transpressive systems: insights from analog modeling

  • Nicholas Meszaros – Second Place

Title:  Emergence of supervolcanism at Valles Caldera as recorded by changes in oxygen fugacity and crystal cargo

  • Molly Zebker – Honorable Mention

Title:  Tropospheric Artifact Estimates to Optimize InSAR Time Series Without In Situ or Weather Model Information


Research Groups

Daniel Stockli – Best Performance

Rowan Martindale – Best Representation


This event is one of the highlights of the year! Congratulations to everyone!


Dean Claudia Mora