Student Research Symposium Awards

Student Symposium
Clockwise from left: Undergraduate Arisa Ruangsirikulchai shares her poster about channels cut into San Jose island by he backflow of Hurricane Harvey’s storm surge; a group shot of the student research symposium award winners; graduate student Stephanie Forstner explains her research on evolution of deformation in the buck mountain fault damage zone in the Cambrian flathead sandstone in the Teton mountains.


In February 2019, the Jackson School’s Graduate Student Executive Committee organized its 8th Annual Research Symposium. Winners and honorable mentions are as follows:

1st Place: Ken Ikeda: Numerical and Laboratory Study of
Low-Frequency Elastic Properties of Limestone
2nd Place: Tomas Capaldi: Cordillera Evolution Along the
Southern Central Andean Margin Recorded by Detrital Zircon
U-Pb and Hf Isotopes

Honorable Mention: Brandon Shuck: From Rifting to
Subduction: Evidence for the Role of Past Tectonics Influencing
Subduction Initiation at the Puysegur Trench, New Zealand

1st Place: Skyler Dong: Pore-Scale Methane Hydrate Formation
Under Pressure and Temperature Conditions of Natural
2nd Place: Gabriel Giacomone: Paleogeographic
Reconstruction and Characteristic Trends of a Basin Floor Fan in
Los Molles Fm, Neuquén Basin, Argentina

Honorable Mention: Fernando Apango: Top Seal Evaluation of
Miocene Deep-Water Reservoirs, Southern Gulf of Mexico

1st Place: Andrew Gase: Crustal Structure of the Northern
Hikurangi Margin from Marine Seismic Reflection Imaging
and Onshore-Offshore Seismic Tomography: Implications for
Megathrust Heterogeneity and Overpressure in a Region of
Shallow Slow
2nd Place: Scott Eckley: Isotopically Light Carbon (δ13C-31
to -24 ‰) in the Mantle by at Least 3.2 Ga: Insights from
Carbonado Diamond

Honorable Mention: Natalie Wolfenbarger: Can Radar
Attenuation Serve as a Signal of Ice Shell Salinity on Europa?

1st Place: Arisa Ruangsirikulchai: Evolution of Return-
Flow Channels Cut Into San Jose Island, Texas, Caused by
Hurricane Harvey
2nd Place: Brooke Kopecky: Reconstructing Paleo-ENSO
Variability During the Holocene Using Geochemical Proxies
from Corals

Honorable Mention: Matthew Nix: Controls on the
Sedimentation and Morphology of an Oxbow Lake Along the
Trinity River, Texas, USA

1st Place: David Mohrig Research Group
2nd Place: Harm Van Avendonk Research Group