Jackson School researchers made science news headlines and served as expert sources for news stories across the state and the world. Check out a few of the highlights.

Sarahdavis Comosera
A reporter from the Brazilian tv program “Como Será?” Interviews Ph.D. student and paleontologist Sarah Davis in the field during a fossil hunting trip in Patagonia in March 2019.
Flemmings Fox72
In May 2019, FOX 7 Austin invited Professor Peter Flemings (right) to talk about his latest research on the underlying geology of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.
Qian Bridget Kxan
KXAN news talked with Bureau of Economic Geology Research Associate Qian Yang(right) and senior research scientist Bridget Scanlon in May 2019 about their research that investigated the feasibility of diverting Texas flood waters into underground aquifers for storage.


Methane in Sea Bed Cores a Potential New Source of Energy

“We know this is a pretty ubiquitous substance. It exists all over in the deep-water oceans, it occurs in the permafrost at the northern latitudes. What we don’t know is how much is economically viable.”

Peter Polito
Research Engineering/Scientist Associate,
University of Texas Institute for Geophysics
The Science Show, ABC Australia, July 28, 2018

NASA’s Next Mars Rover Will Look for Signs of Life on an Ancient Crater Lake

“Sedimentary rocks tell us the history of what’s been happening at a site … It’s recorded in the layers, and you can read them like a book.”

Tim Goudge
Assistant Professor,
Department of Geological Sciences
The Washington Post, Nov. 19, 2018

It Took 10 Million Years for Biodiversity to Recover from Dino-killing Impact

“It’s a fundamental speed limit on evolution … This is just how long evolution takes to develop these niches.”

Christopher Lowery
Research Associate,
University of Texas
Institute for Geophysics
Discover Magazine, April 9, 2019

UT: Oil and Gas Water Disposal Linked to More Earthquakes

“The issue is injecting water and creating this pressure.”

Bridget Scanlon
Senior Research Scientist,
Bureau of Economic Geology
Houston Chronicle, Nov. 12, 2018

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