Horton Examines Andes Evolution in New Book

HortonbookThe Jackson School of Geosciences’ Brian Horton, a professor in the Department of Geological Sciences and a research professor at the Institute for Geophysics, is the editor of a new book, “Andean Tectonics.” The book addresses the geologic evolution of the Andes Mountains, the prime global example of subduction-related mountain building. It is co-edited by Andrés Folguera, a professor at the University of Buenos Aires.

The Andes form one of the most extensive orogenic belts on Earth, spanning about 8,000 kilometers along the western edge of South America. The tectonic history of the Andes involves a rich record of diverse geological processes, including crustal deformation, magmatism, sedimentary basin evolution, and climatic interactions. This book addresses the range of Andean tectonic processes and their temporal and spatial variations during the past 300 million years.