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Bureau Director Presents Keynote in Bahrain


Bureau of Economic Geology Director Scott W. Tinker gave the keynote address at the opening of GEO 2018 — the 13th Middle East Geosciences Conference and
Exhibition held in March 2018 in Bahrain. GEO, the largest and best-attended technical conference of its kind in the Middle East, hosts government leaders and industry professionals interested in the future development of the region’s hydrocarbon resources. Tinker’s address was titled “Energy, Poverty, and Climate: Seeking the Radical Middle.”

“The growth and development in the Middle East is remarkable,” Tinker said. “It is underpinned by energy. I appreciated the opportunity to discuss climate, poverty and energy with leaders from the region, probably for the first time in such a public setting. These issues must be addressed as the region moves forward.”

Later in the week, Tinker appeared at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, as the Dean’s Distinguished Visitor. He presented on “The Future of Fossil Fuels” to a packed house. Tinker gave 40 such keynote and invited lectures globally to audiences of all kinds in 2018.