Jackson School Ranks Among Best in the World

The Jackson School of Geosciences has one of the best geosciences research programs in the world according to two global rankings that came out in spring 2017.

The Nature Index of scientific productivity ranked UT No. 4 globally among academic institutions for Earth and environmental sciences. The Center for World Universit Rankings, the largest academic ranking of global universities, ranked UT No. 3 globally for geology. Both rankings are based on publication of peer-reviewed research in top-tier journals.

In the most recent ranking of graduate education programs from U.S. News & World Report, UT ranked No. 5 for geology. The combination of rankings underscores the productivity and excellence of UT’s Jackson School of Geosciences, which is the largest geosciences program in the country with nearly 600 undergraduate and graduate students.

“It’s rare to find a school that is the largest in a discipline and also operates at an elite level in both education and research,” said UT President Gregory L. Fenves. “These rankings are a reminder of the global distinction and impact of geosciences at the University of Texas.”

The Jackson School consists of three world-class academic and research units — the Department of Geological Sciences, the Institute for Geophysics and the Bureau of Economic Geology. Combined, these institutions offer a depth and breadth of geosciences matched by few universities. They spearhead research vitally important to Texas, the country and the world.