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Petrology/Mineral Physics News Archive

Professor Emeritus Edward Jonas Dies

Professor Emeritus Edward Jonas passed away this January. In lieu of a memorial, which we will post later this year, we offer this edited version of remarks written by Leon Long on the occasion of Jonas’ retirement in 1988. Edward Jonas, Adventure-Seeker: Students Loved His Enthusiasm Professor Edward C. Jonas retired from active teaching in…

Researchers from Amherst College and The University of Texas at Austin have described a new technique that might one day reveal in higher detail than ever before the composition and characteristics of the deep Earth.

Like many kids in the Indiana Jones generation, Danny Stockli wanted to be an archaeologist when he grew up. In high school, he volunteered at ancient Roman digs in his native Switzerland. Like most of us though, the dream changed somewhere along the way. “I don’t have a gun or a whip,” he said, “but…

Jaime Barnes is happy to be back home. A San Antonio native who received her bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas at Austin, Barnes left the Lone Star State to pursue her graduate education. Now, the assistant professor at the Jackson School of Geosciences returns to Austin having built an impressive standing in the…

Most of us learned in school that the Himalayan mountains were formed over millions of years as India plowed into Asia. As the two continued to pile into each other, the land in between crumpled, forming a landscape that makes mountaineers salivate. Geologists figured that as the crumpling progressed, a succession of faults opened up…

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