TOP: KXAN interviewed doctoral student Mariel Nelson (pictured) and Bureau of Economic Geology researchers about falling rocks at Hamilton Pool. BOTTOM, LEFT: the January 2021 issue of Scientific American spotlighted Jackson School of Geosciences’ research on the famous ‘Jurassic Park’ dinosaur Dilophosaurus. The cover story is by Matthew Brown, the director of the Jackson School’s Vertebrate Paleontology Collections, and alumnus Adam Marsh. BOTTOM, RIGHT : Department of Geological Sciences Professor Dev Niyogi spoke with ‘PBS News Hour’ in February 2021 about severe winter weather.
TOP: Scott Tinker, the director of The Bureau Of Economic Geology, appeared on ‘Good Day Austin’ to talk about Texnet, the statewide earthquake monitoring network; BOTTOM: after climbers tragically died in the Alborz Mountains of Iran, the BBC spoke with Department of Geological Sciences Chair Daniel Stockli to learn more about the hazardous conditions.