GeoFORCE Results

GeoFORCE is designed to increase the number and diversity of students pushing STEM degrees programs and entering the future high-tech workforce. The primary measurable goals of GeoFORCE are listed below.

1) Engage high-achieving students from challenged high schools and keep them in the program through college.

448 Students

Number of high school students who participated in GeoFORCE summer trips in 2016.

2) Provide spectacular learning experiences that broaden students’ understanding of the Earth and emphasize geosciences and engineering.

GeoFORCE takes students across the country from Texas to the Grand Canyon, to Oregon and the Appalachians.  We teach geology in some of the best field areas in the country, our National and State Parks.  The program is academic and rigorous.  There are quizzes each evening and a final exam.  Students must earn 80% on the final to be invited back.  100% of GeoFORCE students have passed the final exam.

3) Build a large cohort of high achievers. AND 4) Achieve high school graduation.

654 Students Attending College

Total number of GeoFORCE students enrolled in Fall of 2016. A 13 percent addition from last year.

5) Give students the tools, confidence, and motivation to pursue college.

58% STEM Majors

Percentage of GeoFORCE College students currently pursuing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) degrees. This is roughly double the national average (28%) of students pursuing STEM degrees. (Source: U.S. Department of Education)


6) Help students achieve college graduation, especially in STEM fields.


34 Master or Professional programs

Number of programs being pursued by GeoFORCE College graduates.

161 Bachelor’s Degrees

Number of degrees earned by GeoFORCE College students.

75 Associate Degrees

Number of degrees earned by GeoFORCE College students. (9 Associate Degrees were earned by students who also earned a Bachelor’s Degree)

  • GeoFORCE 11th Graders visit Big Obsidian Flow in Oregon Summer 2014

    “The most significant thing that GeoFORCE has taught me goes far beyond any scientific knowledge that I’ve acquired.  Through GeoFORCE I have learned that there are far more possibilities in life than I could ever have imagined.”