A K-12 outreach program of the Jackson School

GeoFORCE Results

GeoFORCE is designed to increase the number and diversity of students pursuing STEM degrees programs and pursuing rewarding STEM-related careers. The primary goals and results of GeoFORCE are to:

1. Engage high-achieving students from challenged high schools and keep them in the program through college.


Number of high school students who participated in GeoFORCE summer trips in 2017


2. Provide  life-changing learning experiences at some of the most spectacular geologic sites in the country to broaden students’ understanding of the Earth and emphasize geosciences and engineering.

The number of students who have benefited from GeoFORCE since the program began in 2005.


3. Build a large cohort of high achieving students who successfully graduate high school.

100 percent

 Percentage of GeoFORCE students who graduated high school.

4. Give students the tools, confidence, and motivation to pursue college.



Total number of GeoFORCE students enrolled in college in Fall of 2017.

5. Help students achieve college graduation, especially in STEM fields.


58 percent

Percentage of GeoFORCE College students currently pursuing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) degrees. 


Number of masters and professional programs being pursued by GeoFORCE College graduates.


Number of Bachelor’s degrees earned by GeoFORCE College students.


Number of Associate degrees earned by GeoFORCE College students. (9 Associate Degrees were earned by students who also earned a Bachelor’s Degree)