GF Grads

You are still in GeoFORCE

GeoFORCE College Program

Welcome graduates!  You may be done with high school, but you are still in GeoFORCE.  The GeoFORCE College program is designed to help you transition as you graduate from high school and move on through college and into the workforce.  Although GeoFORCE is a geosciences and STEM program, by the time you all graduate from high school, we have had 4 amazing years together, and we are engaged and interested in the future of EACH GeoFORCE student, scientist or not.

A lot of what we do depends on knowing where you are and what you are doing, so be sure to keep us updated with your current activities and contact information.

The program encompasses:

Transition to College: college will be a big change for many of you, and GeoFORCE is here to answer your questions, and give you support for that critical time between high school graduation and the end of the first college semester.

College Support and Mentoring: while in college, we offer support as needed for any college related questions, invitations to GeoFORCE events, and information about scholarships, internships, and other opportunities.

Into the Job Market: If we know how to reach you, we will be sure that you hear about job opportunities that we hear about. Let GeoFORCE know what you are up to.