About GeoFORCE

Who can apply to GeoFORCE?
8th grade students in Southwest Texas and Houston who go to our targeted schools (click your area for a link to schools.)

My school is not on the list, why?
GeoFORCE can only accept 120 students each year. To fill those slots we target specific geographic areas. It helps us in our ability to maintain contact with the students and to organize events.

When will GeoFORCE come to my region?
GeoFORCE does not have plans to expand at this point, but if funding increases enough to allow it, we will let you know.

How is GeoFORCE funded?
See our Industry Partners and Sponsors pages. GeoFORCE has an annual budget of about $1.6 million, of which about 1 million is raised annually from gifts and grants.

How much does it cost for students to attend GeoFORCE?
GeoFORCE is an all-expense paid program, it is free for participants.

How many students are accepted to GeoFORCE each year?
GeoFORCE accepts 120 eighth grade students per year; sixty students from the Southwest region and sixty students from Houston.

How long is the GeoFORCE program?
GeoFORCE recruits students in the 8th grade, and keeps the same students throughout high school. It is a 4-year commitment for the student and for us.

What if I didn’t get in during 8th grade?
If we have more qualified applicants than we can accept we form a waiting list, and we choose from that waiting list to fill slots that open up during high school years. Sometimes we add high school students to the waiting list or to the program. If we are recruiting at the high school level, we will advertise that.

About Applying

Who can apply to GeoFORCE?
8th grade students in Southwest Texas and Houston who go to our targeted schools (click your area for a link to schools.)

How do I apply?
GeoFORCE uses an on-line database for applications.

What is a UT EID and why do I need one?
This is a system the University of Texas uses to keep track of everyone involved at UT in any way, including staff, students, and kids enrolled in outreach programs. You need one to participate in GeoFORCE, so we use it for the application as well.

It is important to remember: You will use this same UTEID number and password throughout your interaction with GeoFORCE, so write them down somewhere you won’t lose them.

What are the requirements to apply?
Students need a GPA of 3.0 or better and no grade lower than a B in math or science in 7th and 8th grade. They need to write an essay and submit transcripts and a teacher recommendation.

How long does the essay have to be?
It is 2-3 pages, double-spaced.

When is the deadline?
January 31st, unless that falls on a weekend.

What is email verification?
When you first login to the GeoFORCE application site, you will enter an e-mail address, and the site will automatically send you a verification e-mail. You will not be able to continue the application until you receive and respond to that e-mail. The system assures that we will be able to reach you.

Why do I need a teacher recommendation?
Your teachers know you best, and they can tell us things about you that your transcripts don’t reveal, like why you would be a great candidate for GeoFORCE.

For Returning GeoFORCE Students

Do I have to apply every year?
No. Once you are in, you stay in.  BUT you do have to reregister every year.

How do I register for this summer’s events?
Log on to the GeoFORCE database here; update your contact information, and upload your current transcripts and essay.

Why do you need my transcript?
In order to stay in GeoFORCE, students need to maintain a 3.0 GPA, and no grade lower than a B in math or science though high school.

If I switch schools after being accepted in to GeoFORCE, can I still stay in the program?
Yes, once accepted to GeoFORCE you may stay in the program no matter where you move to, as long as you are able to get to us to attend the summer field course.

I forgot my UTEID, how can I get it?
E-mail our general GeoFORCE email, and we will retrieve it for you, or click here for UT EID Self-Service Tools.

For GeoFORCE Graduates

What is the GF Grads Program?
GF Grads is our program for all graduates of GeoFORCE. It starts in your senior year of high school, after your final summer GeoFORCE trip. Your first GF Grad event is a fall field trip focusing on career options. There is also a spring field trip, just to celebrate high school graduation.

The focus of GF Grads is college, so senior year we will help you with college application and financial aid application questions. While you are in college GF Grads will keep in touch, offer mentoring and advice, and possibly drop by to take you out for a meal.

How often does the GF Grads Bulletin come out?
It is published quarterly, in August, November, February, and May. Click here to see previous issues.

How do I keep in touch with GeoFORCE after high school?
Be sure we have an updated email address for you so you can receive all our news, and follow GeoFORCE on facebook.

Why should I keep in touch with GeoFORCE?
First, we have known you since you were 13 or 14, and we like you, so we want to know how you are doing. Second, we want to brag about you. Our sponsors really want to know how GeoFORCE kids fare beyond high school, and so we report annually about what our grads are up to. Finally, our sponsors want to hire you, so if we know how to reach you and what eduction you have had, we can put you on contact with each other.

  • “Joining GeoFORCE was the first decision that I have ever made on my own.”

  • “I got to see and touch snow for the very first time in my life!”