A panchromatic SEM-CL image of a partial quartz cement bridge showing cross-cutting crack-seal textures and contemporaneous lateral cements. Sample from the Travis Peak formation tightgas sandstone, East Texas. Credit: Estibalitz Ukar.
Color SEM-CL image of a cataclastic deformation band in the Entrada Sandstone, San Rafael Swell, Utah. Overgrowth quartz appears dark blue. Credit: Sara Elliott.
An SEM-CL image of cement-filled fracture from the Makimine Formation, Shimanto Belt, Japan. Credit: Sara Elliott.
A quartz bridge spanning a fracture in the Kure Mélange, Shimanto Belt, Japan. The bridge is surrounded by later calcite (blue) & albite (dark red) cements infilling the fracture. Credit: Sara Elliott.
Quartz cement bridge with fluid inclusion assemblages containing hydrocarbon gas inclusions. Sample from the Piceance Basin, Colorado. Credit: Andras Fall.
Zoned dolomite rhombohedra filling a solution breccia cavity from the Knox Formation, Central Tennessee. Image taken under panchromatic SEM-CL. Credit: Sara Elliott.