Type Collection

Ammonite Cephalopod

Ammonite Cephalopod (BEG_21787)

The collection of types and figured specimens is derived from published works of the later nineteenth century to the present day. Early Paleozoic and Mesozoic echinoderms, Mesozoic molluscs and Tertiary arthropods are well represented in this type collection.

Current inventory has reached over 8000 catalog records with over 18,000 specimens. This includes all designations of type and figured specimens. Previous estimates placed the type collection at around 22,000 specimens.

Inventory of specimens is proceeding in conjunction with their conservation and imaging which are part of the on-going NSF Type Project.

The type collection is arranged by date of publication. Study by taxonomic, geologic or geographical selection is straightforward using database queries. Search the database on PaleoCentral.

Specimens are housed in archival cabinets in a new climate controlled environment and may be studied for research purposes.