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Comments on progress in understanding brittle rock fracture and chemical change

Role of chemical-mechanical interaction in fracture size and spacing patterns

Natural fractures are increasingly recognized to result from processes that couple mechanical failure and chemical reactions. Chemical reactions aid fracture growth through stress corrosion, whereas sealing, tip blunting, and crack-jump in response to chemical mass transfer and creep processes can impede further fracture growth and alter size and spacing patterns. Chemical-mechanical interactions affect spatial and…

Dauphiné twins and fluid inclusion assemblages

Andras Fall, Esti Ukar and Steve Laubach recently reported on using combined scanning electron microscope-based cathodoluminescence (SEM-CL) and electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD) image analysis with fluid inclusion microthermometry to constrain the origin and timing of Dauphiné twins in quartz cement bridges. Electron backscattered diffraction techniques (EBSD) show that Dauphiné twins in quartz are widespread in…

Structural diagenesis and society

Structural diagenesis and society

Structural geology emerged as an applied geoscience discipline providing predictive tools in economic geology. Through the subsequent development of quantitative approaches and in conjunction with compositional and isotopic analytical tools, these techniques have provided fundamental insight into deformation processes that shaped our current understanding of global tectonic and planetary processes. A more recent development within…

Crystal growth

Crystal growth

A new model accounts for crystal growth patterns and internal textures in quartz cement in sandstone fractures, including massive sealing deposits, thin rinds or veneers that line open fracture surfaces, and bridge structures that span otherwise open fractures. High-resolution cathodoluminescence imaging of bridge structures and massive sealing deposits indicates that they form in association with…

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