Master Classes

Structural Diagenesis Master Class

Structural Diagenesis Master Class

Held during the Spring and Fall semesters, the Master Class consists of a writing workshop, critical review of literature, discussion of current research topics and reports on graduate student, postdoctoral, and staff research in quantitative structural geology, geomechanics and structural diagenesis.

Meetings last about 2 hrs and the venue in most semesters is an off-campus location. See the e-mail alerts for last minute plans. Contact Steve Laubach to get on the email list.

Fall 2019 Schedule

The Structural Diagenesis Master Class (SDMC) will meet on Thursday afternoons at 2:30 pm unless otherwise noted.

The format this semester is review of fracture formation processes, analysis methods, and reading and discussion of paper, proposal, and thesis drafts by participants.

Structural Diagenesis Curriculum

The SDI supports creation of a curriculum that merges the disciplines of structural geology and low temperature sedimentary geochemistry. The following is a list of the proposed program.

  • Structural Diagenesis: Linked Mechanical and Chemical Processes
  • Brittle Structure
  • Advanced Strain and Stress
  • Sedimentary Geochemistry
  • Reservoir Geomechanics
  • Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
  • Experimental & Theoretical Rock Mechanics
  • Subsurface Fluids and Fluid Inclusion Assemblages
  • Deformation, Chemical Change, and Transfer Processes in the Upper Crust
  • Theoretical and Experimental Diagenesis; Reservoir Quality Modeling
  • Basin Modeling
  • Seismic Structural and Geomechanical Interpretation
  • Geostatistics and Data Analytics/Machine Learning

Research Overviews | Structural Diagenesis Papers

Instrument & Lab Training

The SDI initiative operates or regularly uses an array of analytical instruments and laboratories. Training on instrument use is conducted on a regular basis.

For more information on SDI instruments and laboratories, see the SDI Facilities page.

Field Symposium

From time to time the SDI initiative organizes a Field Symposium.

Field Symposium: Olson, Lander & Bonnell

The aim is to support  cross-disciplinary scientific dialog on problems having an important societal impact. Participants include  select scientists from industry, from The University of Texas at Austin and from other institutions, and a  small group of outstanding students holding Field Symposium Fellowships.

Planning is underway for a field symposium in Argentina-Bolivia in 2020 or later. Please contact us if you are interested in participating.

In 2018, a Field Symposium was held in the Teton Range, Wyoming. Read the Blog post

A Field Symposium was held Fall 2014 in Utah.

Jon Olson led the 2007 Field Symposium in NW Scotland.

See the Events page for the next scheduled symposium and the SD Field Symposium page for information about past field events.

The SDI group and FRAC also sponsor field trips. Commonly several are run during the course of the year. Participation in some of our field work is sometimes possible where such activity serves our educational mission.

Students & Postdoctoral Fellows

The SDI Thesis and Dissertation page lists current student research topics as well as past graduate student and postdoctoral fellow projects and where students and postdoctoral fellows went after their time in the program.

More information about the program can be found here:

Brittle Structure Engineering and geomechanical models
Petrologic and outcrop studies Geochemistry and mechanics
Field-based studies Fluid inclusion analysis
Shale – mudrock fracture Fractured carbonate rocks
Diagenetic modeling Fault rock diagenesis and fault zone attributes
Pore-scale research Hydrothermal Laboratory
Geomechanics  Software & methods

Software and Methods | List of papers organized by topic

Recent Lectures & Meeting Involvement | Event Information

Fracture Research and Application Consortium