April 2010 Highlights

RioMAR presentations at the AAPG 2010 (April 11th-14th) annual conference in New Orleans, LouisianaThe Greenhouse and Icehouse Margins and Shelf-Edge Trajectories: Significance for Sediment By-Pass. R. Steel ; A. Petter; C. Carvajal; P. Plink-Bjorklund 

Laboratory-Scale Channel Formation by Sheet-Like Density Underflows. A. M. Fernandes ; J. Buttles; D. Mohrig; R. J. Steel; S. Henriksen

Shelf Margin Facies of the Kookfontein Formation: Impact of Process Regime Changes and Delta Position Relative to the Shelf Edge. A. Green ; P. Plink-Björklund

Process and Architectural Evolution During Deltaic Cross-Shelf Transits – Fox Hills Deltas, Washakie Basin, Wyoming . M. I. Olariu ; C. Carvajal; R. J. Steel; C. Olariu

Source-to-Sink: Connecting Hyperpycnal-Flow Deposits to River-Flood Dynamics. M. Lamb ; D. Mohrig; B. McElroy; B. Kopriva; J. Shaw

Determining How Much Topographic Complexity Must Be Incorporated into Models for Depositional Turbidity Currents Filling Sinuous Submarine Channels and Constructing Channel Levees. A. B. Peyret ; D. Mohrig; M. Lamb; B. McElroy

Backwater Implications for Sediment Transport and Channel Morphology in the Lowermost Mississippi River. J. A. Nittrouer ; D. Mohrig; M. Allison; W. Kim; G. Parker

Decoupling Allogenic Forcing from Autogenic Processes: Clastic and Carbonate Experimental Stratigraphy. W. Kim ; A. Petter; B. W. Fouke; T. M. Quinn; C. Kerans; F. Taylor; D. Mohrig; C. Paola

When Does Spatial Variation in Subsidence Rate Influence the Positioning of Channels Within Quaternary Strata of Mississippi River Delta?. D. Mohrig ; K. Straub; A. C. De la Rosa Illescas

Delta Architecture and Process Variability During Cross-Shelf Transits; Autogenic and Allogenic Responses. C. Olariu; R. J. Steel

Source-to-Sink Sediment Volumes Within a Tectono-Stratigraphic Model for a Laramide Shelf-to-Deep-Water Basin. C. Carvajal ; R. J. Steel

Basin-Fill Geometry of Eocene Tyee Basin – From Fluvial Deposits to Extensive Sand-Rich Basin Floor Fans. M. Santra ; R. Steel; M. L. Sweet

Miocene Shelf-Edge Delta Behaviour and Influence on Deepwater Slope Morphology, Northwest Shelf of Australia. C. M. Sanchez ; R. J. Steel; C. S. Fulthorpe; J. A. Austin