November 2008 Highlights


On November 13 th and 14th representatives of RioMAR consortium member companies participated to the annual meeting at the University of Texas

It has been published SEPM Special Publication No.90 “Recent Advances in Models of Siliciclastic Shallow-Marine Stratigraphy
Edited by: Gary J. Hampson, Ronald J. Steel, Peter M. Burgess and Robert W. DalrympleThe book contain few articles authored by RioMAR scientists
Ron Steel presented the keynote talk “Deltas and estuaries: how do they grow the shelf and shelf-margin prism” co-authored with Cornel Olariu in London at the Geological Society of London meeting “Rivers, Estuaries, Deltas & Beaches “.

October 2008 Highlights

Andy Petter presented the poster ” Similarity in Fluvial-Channel Dimensions Between Blackhawk Fm (Grassy Member) and Lower Castlegate Ss, Eastern Book Cliffs, Utah” co-authored with Ron Steel and David Mohrig during the annual GSA meeting in Houston.
Cornel Olariu presented the talk “Location of the Lowstand Depocenters along the Shelf-Edge and Influence on Shelf Margin Stratigraphy” co-authored with Ron Steel during the annual GSA meeting in Houston.
University of Texas Class Fieldtrip to20 Mile Sandstone in ColoradoPossible future RioMAR project
Ron Steel and Piret Plink-Björklund visited the Karoo shelf margin outcrops together with representatives of University of Liverpool to agree on a colaborative field strategy for RioMAR Karoo shelf margin project.
David Mohrig and co-workers are working hard to finish the large flume tank at Pickle Research Campus, University of Texas.

September 2008 Highlights

Carlos Uroza defended his PhD dissertation “Processes And Architectures Of Deltas In Shelf-Break And Ramp Platforms: Examples From The Eocene Of West Spitsbergen (Norway), The Pliocene Paleo-Orinoco Delta (Se Trinidad), and the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway (SW Wyoming and NE Utah)“. Carlos accepted a position with ConocoPhillips.
Andy Petter has been announced in the AAPG Explorer as second price winner for his talk “Small Lowstand Deltas as a Consequence of Sustained Alluvia Aggradation During Relative Sea-Level Fall” presented during the annual AAPG 2008 meeting.
Ron Steel visited Geophysical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Prague, Czech Republic. He presented a talk “PROCESS CHANGE DURING BASE-LEVEL CYCLES & CROSS-SHELF TRANSITS” and had a field trip to Bohemian Cretacous Basin to look at tidal deposits.