Shelf Margin Database

Last Slope

The shelf-margin database summarize characteristics of 28 studied margins sedimentary prisms. Each of these margine xamples contains information on:(1) Basin setting; (2) the magnitude of supply (proxied by rates of shelf-edgeaggradation & progradation or extracted from previous studies); (3) long-term climate setting (Icehouse versus Greenhouse); (4) the magnitude of shelf accommodation (represented by shelf-edge trajectory);(5) transport regimes at the shelf edge (mainly from published information); (6) dominant grain-size of sediment deposited (sandy or muddy, as suggested by the lithological character of upper delta front); (7) details on the contemporaneous deep-water systems (supported by published article sources, seismic sections, or other subsurface data); (8) representative regional cross-sections from each of themargins (seismic sections below for an example); (9) key references for each of the margins. The database provides global perspectives on sediment-partitioning in deep-water basins and shelf-margin architecture variability.